Me and my NXP

Today I’ll be doing something a bit different. Instead of sharing my questing adventures or giving gameplay information and tips, I’ll be sharing a secret. You ready? Ahem … I … I haven’t kept up with my nautical level. I know, it’s very tragic. Nobody’s perfect! I kinda figured it would eventually come back to bite me, but I didn’t realize how hard.

I’m a level 57 pirate in Aquila. Ideally, my nautical level should also be around there. That would make my questing and ship battles easier, right? Wellllllll my nautical level is actually 26. Oops.

If that sounds insane, it’s because it is. I always told myself I’d go back and do the ship side quests and NXP farm, but I guess I got too caught up in the storyline. Now I struggle with Aquila ship battles and occasionally ask my braver (and apparently more responsible) friends to carry me. If I’m too ashamed to do that, I usually just go all Leeroy Jenkins and charge straight into the enemy ships knowing that they’ll board me. Not exactly a quick or efficient strategy, but it gets the job done I suppose.

My ship and ship gear could also use an upgrade. I’m still using a level 30 ship I bought in Cool Ranch.

I take full responsibility for my nautical struggles. Consider this a PSA: don’t be me. Don’t get behind on your NXP. Learn from my failures and BE BETTER. As for me, well, I needed to learn the hard way. Next time around, I won’t make the same mistake. ;)

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