Animal Cove Soft Launches

KingsIsle has unveiled its newest mobile game – Animal Cove!

The furry match-3 type game is currently soft launched in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden.

The official game description from the “Animal Cove FAQ” is as follows:

“Animal Cove is an adventure game where you continue the story by completing Match-3 puzzles. You’ve washed up on a mysterious island only to discover you can speak with animals! It’s up to you to build a paradise for your new talking animal friends and solve the mystery of the island!”


Although I personally don’t have access to the game yet (US player here!), I do have a few friends who were able to check it out. Katherine Light (@WizKathLight on Twitter) was kind enough to supply me with some screenshots. Just looking at the screenshots, I immediately get the sense that Animal Cove has a different feel for it than KI’s previous mobile game titles. The graphics have a different style and there’s more interaction with the main characters. Let’s take a look at a few!

Animal Cove begins a bit more cinematic than KI’s previous mobile games. Instead of animated panels, Animal Cove utilizes full 3D cutscenes.

The humans look pretty realistic in Animal Cove. Here you meet one of the game’s characters, Elias.

A basic match-3 board. This is where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Similar to the speech bubbles in Pirate101, Animal Cove doesn’t always trigger a full dialogue box.

In addition to the match-3 levels, there are some building elements to keep you busy.

It’s unclear what exactly these locked furry pals do, but there seems to be lots to try to unlock and collect.

Animal Cove’s official website ( currently redirects to the KI Mobile Games Forum, but I’m sure that will be fixed soon enough. For now, you can jump in on the Animal Cove conversations here and download the app from the Apple Appstore or the Google Playstore.

You can keep up to date with Animal Cove by following the official Twitter account: @AnimalCoveGame

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