EverClicker Guilds Are Coming!


Dr. Beaker (Design Lead) announced that guilds are coming to the EverVerse on the official EverClicker forums this morning.

About the Upcoming Update

Earning Guild Points

Guild points will be earned by completing the activities listed below. When a Time Gate ends, points will be applied to the Guild Challenge active in the Leaderboard tab of your Guild Menu.

Guild Points are earned by doing the following:

  • 1 point : Joining a Time Gate
  • 2 points : Earn MVP for High Score in a Time Gate
  • 2 points : Earn MVP for Highest Streak in a Time Gate
  • 5 points : Earn MVP for Final Hit in a Time Gate
  • 5 points : Be part of a completed 1,000 kills Time Gate
  • 10 points : Earn a new Star by defeating the Star Devourer

** Points are awarded when a Time Gate ENDS (either by the time expiring or all 1,000 enemies are defeated.)

The Guild Challenge runs for 1 week before it resets and starts again.



The new Guild Challenges will have lots of cool rewards – including two new ways to spice up your account:

  • Premium Special Effects: If your guild earns the FINAL reward in a Guild Challenge, ALL guild members will receive a special premium effect which will be displayed on your avatar. These effects only last for a week, so if you want to keep using it, you’ll have to keep completing Guild Challenges!
  • Premium Avatar: If your guild earns the FINAL reward in a Guild Challenge, ONE lucky guild member will receive a premium avatar. Premium avatars showcase a particular hero! Unlike premium special effects, premium avatars do not expire. Once earned, they are permanent.


Right now we know that 25 is the maximum amount of players that can be in a guild. In addition, each player is only allowed to be in one guild at a time. That means that you should choose your guild very wisely!

We haven’t been given a date as to when this new system will hit, but it is being advertised inside the game:


Could those icons be some of the new premium avatars?!

While we anxiously wait for the guild system to go live, be sure to visit the official EverClicker forums to comment any feedback or questions you may have. Are you excited for EverClicker guilds?

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