A Spooktacular 5th Birthday

Guys …. Pirate101 turned FIVE earlier this month! I’ve been busy exploring (and streaming) Wizard101’s Test Realm lately, but don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the spiral’s scallywags.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the new Birthday Balloons Mount and the Party Room housing item. You also have until November 2nd to redeem the code “fifthoween” which will give you:

  • New Darkling Duck Pet
  • Parrrrty Hat
  • Birthday Eyepatch
  • Mega Snack Pack
  • Ashes of Armada Pack
  • Rainbow Friendship Mask

In honor of Pirate101’s 5th Birthday, I thought it would be cool to share 5 things I love about Pirate101.

1. Getting to know your companions. Your companions are your friends, your crew, and your lifeline. I appreciate how Pirate101 allows us to really get to know these characters and develop a deep backstory. Also, who doesn’t love the bickering between Bonnie Anne and Ratbeard? I know I do.

2. The music. Pirate101’s music is so underrated – sometimes I don’t mind idling in game just to listen to it! Although I wasn’t too fond of Cool Ranch (compared to other worlds), I will admit it contains some of my favorite scores. The western feel is completely captured and got me really excited.

3. Playing dress-up. Some of my favorite Pirate101 moments occur when we’re forced to throw on a disguise and (attempt to) blend in. The plan doesn’t always work out, but I get a kick out of wearing a Monkey Mask or an Armada outfit. More please!

4. The humor. Whether it’s puns, geeky references, or just straight up jokes – Pirate101 never ceases to make me smile. The dialogue is witty, fun, and memorable.

5. The beautiful landscapes. Pirate101 is pretty. SO PRETTY. Mooshu in particular stands out for me … I love the bright colors and architecture. It was nice to see a side of Mooshu we weren’t able to in Wizard101!

Happy 5th Birthday Pirate101! Here’s to many more!

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