Arrrgust Contest Winners


Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter my two Arrrgust contests. It’s always nice to see some Pirate101 community involvement. Without further ado, here are the contest winners!

Empire Bundle


What’s a Pirate Without Their “Arrr”? – Brave Adam Evans


“I am Brave Adam Evans, the scourge of the sea, and this is the story about
how I lost my Arrr!
The events of this story started two years ago, when I got my hands on an
ancient treasure map from the flea market of Monquista at a bargain. The
treasure map pointed out the location of the long lost treasure, The crown
jewels of Valencia. The map pointed to the exact location of the treasure
on the island but failed to mention exactly which island it was. So for the
last two years, me and my fleet have been searching all the islands of the

With continuous disappointment for one year, imagine my happiness when we
finally found the fabled island, a small nameless land near Jonah Town. I
kept a few of my crew members in my ship and made Phule the stand in
captain. Then I descended to the island and following the treasure map,
found the fabled treasures. The treasure was much bigger than we had
imagined. Heaps of precious jewels and gold coins were there as were
ancient statues and artifacts of immense value. This was no doubt the
greatest treasure we had ever seen.
Alas, little did I know that the treasure was cursed by ancient magic. No
sooner had me and my crew dug up the treasure and brought it back to ship
that we found out that we had all lost our Arrr. Only Phule seemed to be
unaffected with the curse. We were baffled by this unforeseen event and
tried to find a way to get back our Arrr but to no avail.
Finally Phule told me that he has a theory about all this. His theory was
that only he was unaffected by the curse because in my entire crew, he was
the only person who had no interest in the treasure. He said that as long
as we kept the treasure to ourselves, we would not be able to lift our
curse. After considering for a while, I realized that Phule’s assumption
was correct and the only way to reverse the curse would be to return the

Half an hour later after that, we went back to the island and with the
heavy heart, buried back the treasure to its original place. The following
morning, we all got our Arrr back. We left the island with mixed feelings.
We were sad to lose the treasure but happy to regain our Arrr.
Right now I am going back to the Monquistan flea market to sell the
treasure map. Good luck to the next pirate who buys this.

Why did we return the treasure, you ask? Is our Arrr more valuable than the
most precious treasure in all Spiral, you ask? Well, dunno about you but
one doesnt become a true and proper pirate without their Arrr. Thank you
for listening to my story, now go back to drinking your yum. Arrr!”

$10 KingsIsle Combo Card


Shiver me Timbers! (Raffle) – Jack DragonShield

Congrats to you both! Your prizes have been sent. I hope everyone had a great Arrrgust!

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