Arrrgust Contests!


Arrrr mateys! I hope you’ve been enjoying 2016’s Arrrgust celebrations. Here’s a quick recap of what’s happened so far.

  • Week 1 – Players could redeem the code “lostmeeye” for a free random eyepatch (or sunglasses).
  • Week 2 – Players could redeem the code “lostmehand” for a free Captain’s Hook (with a chance at getting the rare Captain Blood’s Hook).
  • Week 3 – Pirate101 encouraged a week of Ranked PvP fighting which awarded 11 lucky pirates a boatload of crowns (the grand prize winner received 60,000 crowns!)
  • Week 4 – Official Pirate101 fansites are holding lots of great giveaways! You can view the full list of official fansites here. 

I may not be an official fansite, but I thought it’d be great to join in on the fun festivities. For this year’s Arrrgust celebration, I’ll be giving away an Empire Bundle and a $10 KingsIsle gift card.

Empire Bundle – What’s a pirate without their “Arrr?”


Somehow your pirate’s ability to say “Arrr!” was taken away! Gasp! Your job is to try to gain that ability back. In an email to please write me a short story describing:

  • How you lost your ability to say “Arrr!”
  • How you plan on getting that ability back.
  • If your mission succeeded.

Please limit your entries to 500 words max. The deadline for this contest is August 28th, at 11:59 PM Central Time. The most creative, thought-out, and interesting story will win the bundle.

$10 KingsIsle Gift Card – Shiver me Timbers! (Raffle)


Arrr isn’t the only common phrase that pirates utilize. Skull Island is looking to hold another celebration around a well known piratey phrase and you’re in charge of leading the project. What catchy slogan would you use?

In a comment to this post, please list 1 piratey slogan for your event centered around a well known pirate phrase. An example would be “Shiver me Timbers Sunday.” (And no, you can’t use that one exactly. You can however, still use “Shiver me Timbers” somewhere in your slogan if you want to). Every person who creates a slogan will be placed into a raffle for the $10 gift card. The catch is, there can’t be any repeats. Only original entries will be entered into the raffle. This raffle ends on August 28th, at 11:59 PM Central Time.


Good luck everyone and enjoy Arrrgust!

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