Hello, Egg Foo Yung!


Pirate101’s Mooshu has been extremely impressive so far. It feels very similar to Wizard101’s Mooshu, but it’s definitely its own entity. I especially love the vibrant skyways!

Yakooza Who?

While Avery went to check on Catbeard, I was sent to Mooshu to find Egg Foo Yung. According to the photograph I found in Marco Pollo’s ship, Egg Foo Yung should have another piece of Marco Pollo’s map. Unfortunately, I found out that Egg Foo Yung was a prisoner of the Yakooza – a group of powerful gangsters. I had to do some questionable things to get into their lair, but luckily a Yakooza member helped smuggle me in. It was pretty dark in that barrel!


Gangsters? That ain’t good.

Making Friends

Before I could talk to Egg Foo Yung, I first had to “make friends” with the Yakooza. They claimed that they fought for the common folk, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. Nevertheless, I made it my mission to assist them in taking down Governor Nakamura so I could return his ill-gotten gold back to the people. Along the way, I recruited a new companion and discovered that El Toro is rather sympathetic towards the sketchy Yakooza empire.


Fear El Toro!

Wedding Crashers

Once I gained the trust of the Yakooza by defeating Governor Nakamura, the Yakooza instructed me to deal with the evil General Tso. My crew and I were tasked with stripping General Tso’s honor away, so we did what any other clever pirate crew would do … we made a mess of someone’s wedding. Well, not just ANYONE’S wedding. We crashed Takeda Moomori’s wedding, an event sponsored by General Tso. Not only did we steal the happy couple’s gift, but we also vandalized the walls and ruined the celebration’s entertainment. General Tso’s men didn’t appreciate us slipping in and causing havoc, so we had to fight our way back out. A pirate’s day is never boring, that’s for sure!


Pretty fine work if I say so myself.


Don’t I look fabulous?

You’re a Clever One, Mr. Yung

Having ruined the wedding to the best of my ability, I returned to the Yakooza lair to find a freed Egg Foo Yung. That clever bird was lying the entire time! Egg Foo Yung was no prisoner of the Yakooza – he’s the leader! Apparently he created the ruse to protect his identity. Alas, Egg Foo Yung wasn’t willing to part with his piece of the map as easily as I would have liked. Instead, he’s now tasked me with revealing General Tso as a traitor to fully strip him of his honor and alienate him from his followers. Only after General Tso is dealt with do I have a chance at obtaining that map piece.


The adventure is never finished. 

Mooshu Questing Thoughts:

  • Mooshu is such a beautiful world to look at.
  • It took me awhile to complete “The Gold and the Egg” quest. It reminded me of the old Zafaria drop rates in Wizard101.
  • The Governor Nakamura instance was surprisingly difficult for me. New world adjustments are always interesting.
  • I really enjoyed the wedding instance! Love the graffiti and the costume I got to put on!
  • I’m faring better in ship battles here than I did in Cool Ranch. Maybe I’m getting the hang of it!

I just turned level 40 and I’m so excited! The Pirate101 story is great, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

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