Inside the Tinkney Yum Company

Every pirate knows about yum. The Mooshu delicacy’s ability to cure disease and grant strength makes it a very valuable commodity. So valuable and precious that people KILL for it. In fact, smuggling Yum Yum fruit is punishable by death. Even if you partake in “legal” yum business practices, Mooshu’s Emperor and other Yum rivals may threaten you … or worse. The point is, the Yum business is not for the weary. To get an inside look at what goes on at a Yum bottling company, The Untold Spiral caught up with the CEO of the Tinkney Yum Company.

Tom Tinkney

Founder and CEO of Tinkney Yum Company

The Tinkney Yum Company was founded by entrepreneur Tom Tinkney. Although many others have set up lucrative Yum businesses, Tinkney thought he could change the game. “Most companies squeeze all their Yum Yum fruit by hand. Not only is that costly, but it’s also time-consuming. I knew there had to be a better way,” he explains. Sure enough, he did find a better way. With some help from a clever and resourceful inventor, Tinkney created a juicer.

The juicer allowed Tinkney to churn out Yum bottles like never before. “It certainly made my business stand out from the others,” Tinkney says, “my clients were pleased with how quickly they got their product.” As a result, the Tinkney Yum Company started to flourish and soon made its rivals scramble. However, the success didn’t come without its own set of problems.

“The juicer was working so wonderfully that I was outpacing my Yum Yum fruit supply. I had to find a way to keep the supply on par with demand,” Tinkney shares. He didn’t have a lot of options. Catching the Yum Yum fruit was too troublesome, and buying them from someone else would be incredibly expensive. They’re considered a delicacy after all. After some thought, Tinkney decided that he would try and grow his own Yum Yum fruit.

Growing Yum Yum fruit outside of Mooshu was no easy task. In fact, nobody had ever done it before. Many even thought it was impossible – Yum Yum fruit cultivation is a closely kept secret guarded by Mooshu residents. Snitching about it is a crime. “Yeah, it was certainly tough to get anybody to spill the beans on the Yum Yum tree process. Luckily, I have some very persuasive and resourceful friends who helped me out with that. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without them,” Tinkney states.

With the Tinkney Yum Company quickly become a rising star in the Yum market, many Skull Island residents are wondering how the business has been able to avoid raids from competitors or Mooshu’s Emperor. Just last year, “Keep it Yummin'” was the target of 5 separate ninja pig attacks. “Oh, don’t you worry … I have that covered,” Tinkney assures. While he wouldn’t elaborate on exactly what he meant by that, it’s good to know that Skull Island’s local Yum supplier won’t be backing down to aggressors.

If you’re interested in trying some Tinkney Yum Company products for yourself, visit your local tavern or buy directly from a Tinkney Yum Company representative.

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