Pirate101 Holiday Happenings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why? Aside from holiday happiness, winter break, and tasty treats, Pirate101 got a brand new festive update. Along with the usual decor and present boxes, we now have some evil gingerbread cookies to fight and hidden snowmen to find!

Gingerbread Ships

The new Gingerbread Ships are located in 3 different skyways: Skull Island, Westminster, and Calabria. While the Skull Island ships are correctly labeled as “Gingerbread Ships,” the Westminster and Calabria ships are still marked as Frog Pirate Ships and Armada Ships respectively. As a result, you’ll want to pay close attention when you’re trying to find the holiday ones. All of the holiday ships (no matter what Skyway) are unsinkable and therefore will force you to board in order to defeat them. Once you’re able to board (or they board you), you’ll be face to face with some evil gingerbread cookies. I know they’re trying to kill us and all, but they’re kinda cute, right? I almost don’t want to hurt them …

Defeating a certain number of Gingerbread Ships will earn you some new badges!

It’s unclear if there’s another badge beyond “Cookie Crusher,” but I’d keep a close eye on that Pirate101 Central thread for any updates. I’m still working on the “Cookie Cruncher” badge myself. To make things more efficient, I’ve been exclusively defeating the Skull Island Gingerbread Ships. They’re the easiest to both spot and fight in my opinion. If you’re wondering where you can find them, they spawn near the Red Claw Ships (see below). If you don’t see one right away, you can defeat some Red Claw Ships to spawn one or just simply switch realms.


If badges aren’t your thing, perhaps edible gear is. The Gingerbread Raiders drop some festive cookie-tastic wands and other holiday items. Also cool is the new “Mark of Gingerbread” doubloon. When used, the doubloon summons a cookie ally to fight with you. I actually just had my entire team pass so it was a full-on cookie vs. cookie battle. We won!

Hidden Snowmen

3 new gigantic snowmen are hidden in Pirate101’s skyways. Each snowman has a different badge for you to earn.

Avernus Skyway

Finding the Avernus Skyway snowman will get you the “Frosty Finder” badge. Here’s the location:

Haunted Skyway

Finding the Haunted Skyway snowman will get you the “Frosty Wrangler” badge. Here’s the location:

Mooshu-Valencia Stormgate

This one’s a bit tricky. Not because it’s difficult to find, but because it doesn’t seem to trigger as easily as the other 2. While I was able to obtain the other 2 badges by staying in sailing mode, I actually had to position the snowman on my ship’s deck, toggle into deck mode, and run up to it and touch it in order to earn this badge. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be like that, but it was pretty frustrating. However, if you do succeed, you’ll receive the “Frosty Voyager” badge. Stormgates don’t have maps, but the area is small enough that you shouldn’t have a problem finding the snowman once you’re in it.

Up close and personal.

Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget to grab the “Stay Frosty” badge by finding the Skull Island Skyway snowman if you haven’t already. It was introduced last year, but here’s the location if you still need it:

Have fun with the new festive update!

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