Tso’s Chicken!


No, I’m not talking about the meal you can get at Panda Express! Though I could go for one right now …

ANYWAY – Pirate101!

Things heated up when I captured Doctor Noh, General Tso’s diabolical henchmen. He revealed that General Tso has Egg Foo Yung’s portion of Marco Pollo’s map. That meant that it was finally time for me to take the fight to General Tso and get what I came for! Unfortunately, General Tso wasn’t battling alone. The Armada was already at Tso’s fortress by the time I arrived and they equipped his warriors with powerful guns and powder. Luckily, blowing things up is what me and my crew do best.


Fight! Fight! Fight!

After fighting through waves of guards, I finally got inside the belly of the beast. General Tso was waiting for me, but first I had to deal with a very angry Takeda Moomori (is it too late to say sorry about that wedding?)


This calls for strategy!

As if things couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that I have a new Armada foe. Rooke, Grand Marshal of the Armada and Deacon’s brother, isn’t very happy that I killed his family member. The evil clockwork promises that he will eventually destroy me and gloats about the fact that he already has the map piece I came for. Satisfied with what he’s accomplished, Rooke leaves. However, General Tso doesn’t back down as easily.


Just when you get rid of one …

General Tso is so powerful that he’s immune to all attacks, so simply fighting him wouldn’t do anything.


The bubble of protection!

As a result, I did what any smart pirate would do. I threatened General Tso’s chicken! It worked too. General Tso surrendered to save his feathered friend and I got to take a selfie with the cutie. LOOK HOW ADORABLE!!!


Can I have him as a pet?

Well, General Tso is defeated (sort of), but the map piece is gone! That’s what all this was for! Fortunately, there’s still hope! General Tso informed me that the Armada can’t use the map piece without translating it first … and nobody in Khotan can do that. Looks like it’s time to track down the Armada before it’s too late!

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