What’s in a Look?

For the longest time, my pirate never had a “look.”. Last month, I decided to change that. After all, one of the coolest aspects of an MMO is the character customization. You can truly make your character, well, yours. I originally wanted to show off my musketeer pride (similar to the myth symbols on my wizard), but I quickly realized that such a thing didn’t exist. So, I went to community resources for help! Swordroll had a great unique boss drop guide on Pirate101 Central, but due to some technical issues, the guide is no longer visible. I ended up contacting him privately for some suggestions. He gave me a lot of good options, but I liked Buck Bronco’s rugged look the best. It became my new mission to complete the set.

While Buck Bronco isn’t a tough boss to tackle, farming always goes by faster with friends. I asked for help on Twitter and Lumas and Kevin RavenHaven quickly answered the call. We beat him up pretty good. Over ….

and over again …

We even had some fun taunting him … trying to desperately persuade him to drop the goods!

Buck’s hat and boots came fairly quickly. I even got my hands on his pistol as well (it’s not something I was trying to get, but I was happy that it ended up that way). But that robe! Boy did Buck NOT want me to get that robe! However, Lumas, Kevin, and I can be a bit “persuasive” when we want to be. Buck eventually buckled under the pressure and relinquished the robe so that I could finally complete the set. The end result:

I’m really happy with my musketeer’s look. I also want to give a huge thanks (again) to Lumas and Kevin for helping me out. I know farming a dungeon over and over again isn’t the most fun thing to do, but you hung in there for me! I appreciate it!

To top it all off, Jeff Toney was kind enough to draw my new pirate look in the Puppet Pirates style. I LOVE it and I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to do that for me. I’m now using it as my Twitter avatar. :D

What does your pirate look like?

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