War Goonz PvP Challenge

The latest War Goonz update reworked a lot of gameplay mechanics and added a few new features. One of those features was a new PvP Challenge!

The PvP Challenge occurs once a week and begins on Friday. It runs until Sunday evening (so you have a little less than 3 days to complete it).

In order to finish the challenge, you need to earn 250 tickets. Tickets can be earned by completing certain objectives. Different objectives will reward you with a different amount of tickets. The list is as follows:

  • Earn Stars in PvP = 1 ticket per star you earn
  • Collect Performance Rewards = 1 ticket
  • Open Iron Safe = 3 tickets
  • Open Steel Safe = 8 tickets
  • Open Giant Safe = 12 tickets
  • Open Battle Safe = 12 tickets
  • Open Big Battle Safe = 24 tickets

Since the higher ranked safes are extremely hard to obtain, most of your tickets are going to come from iron safes, performance rewards, and earning stars in PvP. Collecting 250 tickets doesn’t sound too bad … until you attempt to grind it out. It can get pretty tiring after a while, so I try to space it out as much as possible. With the event lasting 3 days, I do my best to earn 84 tickets a day (250/3=83.333). Doing this has made the event much more manageable for me.

However, even if you can’t make it all the way to 250, there is still plenty of incentive to at least participate in the event. When you reach certain ticket “checkpoints,” you’ll be rewarded!

  • First Checkpoint (25 tickets) = Steel Safe
  • Second Checkpoint = 500 Gold
  • Third Checkpoint = Giant Safe
  • Fourth Checkpoint = 3,000 Gold
  • Fifth Checkpoint =Battle Safe
  • Last Checkpoint (250 tickets) = Legendary Safe

The event has been running for 3 weeks now, and I’m happy to report that I’ve made it to 250 every week! That means legendaries and more legendaries! I obtained Sherman my first week, Slapshot my second week, and a Blerg token this week. Seeing as how I already had Blerg, I was a tad disappointed, but getting one step closer to leveling him up is definitely a good thing!

One of my biggest complaints about AlphaCat was how IMPOSSIBLE it was to get any legendary crew members. There was no way to earn them, you just needed to get extremely lucky. Given that, I’m so incredibly happy that KingsIsle has given War Goonz players a way to actually earn legendary goonz instead of just relying on luck. Thank you, KingsIsle! This is awesome!

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