War Goonz Soft-Launches!

KingsIsle surprised the community earlier today with the announcement of another mobile game – War Goonz!

War Goonz is currently soft-launched only in the Philippines, but KingsIsle promises that more territories will be added in a future beta phase. To go along with the initial soft-launch, KingsIsle has also set up the official War Goonz Forums. After separating a once combined EverClicker/Animal Cove Forum, it seems like KingsIsle is planning on making a different forum for each of their new mobile games.

A short description of the game located on the official War Goonz Twitter is as follows:

“Build an army of high-powered Goonz and battle PvP in post-apocalyptic ‘Murica!”

Although not much else is currently known about War Goonz, we do have some game art/screenshots from its Twitter account and official forums:

War Goonz logo surrounded by a few characters.

A very freaked out guinea pig …

An in-game screenshot. It gives me some tower defense vibes.

(What I assume is) the full cast of characters.

I’ll update this post when new game information/screenshots emerge. In the meantime, have fun Filipinos!

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