25 Things a Boss Would Never Say Aloud


If you think bosses are out to get you, you are absolutely right. Bosses will stop at nothing to halt your journey and hopefully claim victory. But what exactly do bosses think to themselves? Here are 25 things a boss would never say aloud!

1. “Do you really think I didn’t see you when you walked through the door? And you think you’re so sneaky trying to walk around me…”

2. “I just gave a really good evil speech and you’re going to stop and edit your spellbook? I need to work on my evil speeches.”

3. “Why do I always forget to lock the door?”

4. “Please be first. Please be first. Please be first.”

5. “Sigh, second. Those lucky wizards.”


6. “Wait until I show you my cheats! Muhahaha!”

7. “Why is it so hard to find decent minions nowadays?”

8. “You’re hitting next round? Time for an efreet!”

9. “I’m feeling it’s time for a little stun show.”

10. “Conviction? That isn’t fair!”


11. “Tower shield this round. Tower shield next round. Tower shield the round after that. HAHAHA.”

12. “I think it’s hilarious that you talk strategy right in front of me. Try whispering next time.”

13. “That’s a lot of blades you got there. What’s that I hear approaching? I believe it’s an EARTHQUAKE!”

14. “I have enough pips for a glowbug squall, but I’ll wait until you stack some more buffs on first.”

15. “Really? I left the door unlocked AGAIN?”


16. “Your pets seriously need to stop healing.”

17. “More pet heals? Come on, I was so close!”

18. “That sanctuary you have up is so beautiful. But I’m more into pain. Here comes a doom and gloom.”

19. “Of course I’m going to go after your hammer. They are the one in charge of defeating me!”

20. “No shadow pip? Poor you. I have plenty!”


21. “Your dispels are quite a nuisance. Stop that.”

22. “Oh come on! I just defeated her last round! You have a heal up already?!”

23. “I feel like the odds are stacked against me.”

24. “You may have gotten me this time, but I’m not giving you any good drops. So ha!”

25. “I left the door unlocked again, didn’t I?”

Steel Golem


Thinking of any I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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