A Day In The Garden

Ever wonder what a day in your wizardly garden might look like? Take a peek!


*Snoring can be heard throughout the garden. It’s 5 in the morning*

“BREAKING NEWS! Nosferabbit and his strange veggie minions have taken over the Mysterious Cave …”

Mr. Spud (Couch Potato): Sigh … I hate reruns …

*Mumbling is heard*

Fiery (Evil Magma Pea): Wha … what is that? Mr. Spud? Is that you? It’s 5 AM!

Stripes (Tiger Lily): You sound surprised, Fiery. He’s a Couch Potato. It’s what Couch Potatoes do.

Fiery: Yeah … I guess ….

Mr. Spud: Oh, hey. Good morning guys!

Mrs. Spud (Couch Potato): Dear! Don’t be rude. You can’t just blast some random television show at 5 AM  … we have other plots around us. You should ask if they have a show preference first.

Mr. Spud: Ah, you’re right. Any requests fellas?

Fiery: I can’t even see the screen from down here!

Stripes: I can see just fine. It helps to be on the top row, am I right?

Fiery: Yeah, Yeah. At least I’m not planted just because I attract pixies!

Stripes: Well, it’s better than being a “liked” plant. Just look at Fred! Poor guy was left to wilt.

Fiery: You are brought back from the brink of death only to go through it once more for the rest of eternity. Wilting, wilting, wilting … revived … wilting, wilting, wilting … doesn’t it get tiring?

Stripes: I very much enjoy my role in this garden, thank you very much.

Mrs. Spud: Oh dear, here they go again. I wish we could all get along like we used to back when we were seedlings.

Mr. Spud: I just wish I had some cake.

*A buzzing noise starts*

Mr. Spud: Anyone else hear that?

Stripes: Hear what?

Mrs. Spud: It’s a buzzing ….


Fiery: Get. away. from. me. You vile beasts!

Stripes: Pests!

Fiery: When is the wizard coming back?

Mr. Spud: Who knows.

Mrs. Spud: I’ve heard stories of forgotten plants you know.

Stripes: Our wizard would never forget us.

Fiery: Eh, I don’t know. I never trusted that girl.

Mrs. Spud: Well, just so you know, wilting starts with a lack of energy, a strange need to hear music, and an unrelenting thirst.

Mr. Spud: We’re fine. None of us are experiencing any of that!



Stripes: Anyone else feeeeeel tiiiiireeeed?

Mr. Spud: It’s a little bit quiet right now, is it not?

Mrs. Spud: Why yes, yes it is.

Fiery: … water …. I need water …

Stripes: We’re wilting! Wilting! Oh what a world … what a world …

Fiery: What did I tell you all? I knew we couldn’t trust that wizard!

Mr. Spud: The TV isn’t playing as loud. My color is fading. I’ve never felt so weak.

Fiery: “Rain rain come this way, please come shower us today.”

Mr. Spud: “I just want to sing in the rain. Sing in the rain!”

Mrs. Spud: “That would make me happy again!”

Stripes: We’re losing it. We’re alllll loooooooooosing it.


Mrs. Spud: “ELLA ELLA EH EH EH.”

Stripes: Wizard, help me please.

Mr. Spud: “Oh this thirst is frightful, and a storm would be oh so delightful. So since we’ve got no place to go-”


Stripes: Guys … she’s coming …

Mr. Spud, Mrs. Spud, and Fiery: “LET IT RAIN, LET IT RAIN, LET IT RAIN.”

Stripes: She’s here!

Mr. Spud, Mrs. Spud, and Fiery: “LET IT RAIN, LET IT RAIN, LET IT RAIN.”



Fiery: See? I knew everything would work out. I never doubted that girl.

Mrs. Spud: But earlier you said-

Fiery: That I never trusted anyone else more.

Mr. Spud: Right, that.

Mrs. Spud: Celebratory movie night anyone?

*TV remote clicks on*

“BREAKING NEWS! Nosferabbit and his strange veggie minions have taken over the Mysterious Cave …”

Mr. Spud: Sigh … I hate reruns …

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