A Tale of Three Pets


In honor of the double pet XP member benefit currently going on, I thought I’d do a post about my pets!

99.9999% Derby Pets

The derby obsession rumors are definitely true … my houses are filled to the brim with all sorts of pets, and 99.9999% of them are derby pets. Of those 99.9999%, a good majority of them are fails that are either teen or adult that I never use. I’ve never trashed a pet before – even when it has failed. People think I’m insane for holding onto every single pet, but fails have actually come in handy for me more than once. Certain derby tournaments on Wizard101 Central have special rules and specific limitations. This encourages racers to use abilities and talents that are often seen as “junk.” Because so many of my trained pets manifested “junk” talents, keeping them actually helps me out when I go to make a tournament specific pet that may call for odd abilities. (Also, how could you trash a pet? They’re ADORABLE!!)

Derby pets are twice as hard to make as questing pets, which probably contributes to why so few people attempt to obtain them. Here is a derby pet of mine that I used to use a lot:

ladyoscar2 ladyoscar1

It’s an epic pet because derby tournaments on central for the most part only allow pets teen-epic. The goal was to get all selfish talents manifested, but as you can see, spritely snuck in there. I have what I call the spritely curse. On almost every single derby pet of mine, spritely has reared its menacing head. In fact, it happens so often that my derby friends tease me about it. That’s alright though, I have faith that one day I will be strong enough to fight off this deadly curse!

The “Others” 

If you take away all my derby racers, there are only 2 pets remaining. These are the pets that I frequently use while questing and assisting.


This first “other” pet is my enchanted armament. Back when I was training to become a full fledged mercenary, it was mentioned to me that I should have a pet that I could assist with. I ended up making an assisting pet from scratch (starting with a derby pet) with the help of my mentor, Poppy RB. It’s certainly not the best pet out there, but it got the job done when I needed it. One of the huge advantages of using an enchanted armament is the nifty pet sharp cards it comes with! More buffs, more buffs!


Shown above is my Merc Mascot 3.0. It’s the ULTIMATE buffing machine and is extremely valuable when facing old cheating bosses who are immune to pet cards and spells. Although, these buffs can come in handy in almost any circumstance. Not a lot of people invest their time and energy into creating a pet like this, so these cards can be a great asset when playing with teams. I can place these buffs, while my teammates cast the more common buffs like elemental blade, elemental trap, etc… If you’re interested in building one of these beasts, check out our hatching thread here.


Pets are always a work in progress and I have many other pet projects currently in the works. The process of getting a perfect pet can be a stressful one, but the product is well worth it in the end. What pet projects am I currently working on, you ask? Well, a racer never shares her secrets. ;)

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