Bingo Review

Last Saturday I held what I think was the first ever Wizard101 bingo night. I’m proud to say that it was quite a success! Given by the feedback I’ve received, the participants (and even the spectators!) had a blast! You never know how a risky idea will play out in the end, but the amount of positive messages that it received is amazing.


Bingo in the Future

My goal is to try to make “Bingo Night” a monthly thing. Seeing as how I purchase my own prizes, not every bingo contest will have a big prize such as the bundle I gave away last time. Prizes for monthly bingo in the future could include hoard packs, mounts, pets, or other items in the crown shop.


I want to thank everyone who participated in this bingo “trial” and I hope to see you again in the future! If you have any questions or suggestions for me, send me an email at or tweet me @VanessaMythdust



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