Birthday Checklist Winners!

Hey everyone! First of all, thank you to EVERYONE who entered these contests! It was incredibly hard to pick the winners! This community has an enormous amount of talent. :)

Without further ado … (you can click all of the below images to enlarge them)

Invitation Winners

1st Place: Alexis

2nd Place: Scarlet Light

3rd Place: Zachary Darkcaster

4th Place: Andrew

5th Place: Liam

Cake Winners

1st Place: Valkoor Wraith

2nd Place: Paige Legend

3rd Place: Omega Goomy

4th Place: Ellie Soulflame

5th Place: Roslyn Ravensong

Music Raffle Winners

  • 1st Place: saga
  • 2nd Place: Nathaniel Nash
  • 3rd Place: green diamond
  • 4th Place: Simon
  • 5th Place: Ellie IceRiver
  • 6th Place: Chrissy Bethany
  • 7th Place: Alex Leung
  • 8th Place: ~Kristen~


Congrats to the winners! All prizes have been sent. You guys made judging SO HARD!

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