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Today, Wizard101 and Pirate101 announced that Bundle-A-Palooza will be going on now through September 7th, 2016. This is a great opportunity to snag all those retired bundles that you missed out on!



The following bundles are 50% off:

  • Mega Bundle
  • Super Bundle
  • Olympian Bundle
  • Hive Bundle
  • Hawkrider Bundle
  • Atlantean Bundle
  • Arcane Builder’s Bundle
  • Aztecan Builder’s Bundle
  • Pagoda Gauntlet

The following bundles are 25% off:

  • Epic Bundle
  • Majestic Bundle
  • Evergreen Bundle
  • Polarian Explorer’s Bundle
  • Dino Bundle
  • Prehistoric Bundle
  • Mystic Fishing Bundle
  • Winterbane Gauntlet
  • Spiral Cup Gauntlet



The following bundles are 50% off:

  • Admiral’s Bundle
  • Cutthroat Bundle

The following bundles are 25% off:

  • Empire Bundle
  • Hoodoo Bundle

I’ve mentioned it before on MMORPG, but I try to collect as many bundles as I can (for both Wizard101 and Pirate101). I’m currently caught up, but wow, I never noticed just how many bundles there were until I listed them all out!

In Wizard101, there are 3 types of bundles.

  • $39 (Big Card) – bundles that come with a house.
  • $39 (Small Card) – bundles that come with an in-house gauntlet.
  • $29 – bundles that usually come with a special housing item.

In Pirate101, there are 2 types of bundles.

  • $39 – bundles that come with a companion, castle, ship, and more.
  • $29 – bundles that come with a companion, ship, housing add-on, and more.

What better way to celebrate Bundle-a-Palooza than to list my favorite of each?!


$39 (Big Card) – Olympian Bundle

Picture 2016-08-26 15-55-08

The Olympian Bundle is my favorite $39 Big Card bundle. Why? The castle (The Acropolis) is very spacious with a ton of hidden surprises. There are secret passageways, a hidden island, the all-knowing Oracle, a generous gift-giving Minotaur, and a built-in maze! In addition, the bundle also comes with the Trojan Horse pet which is a nice nod to one of Greek mythology’s most well known stories. And who could forget the graceful Aquilan Chariot mount (which holds 2 people!)? All in all I think this bundle is definitely worth the price!

$39 (Small Card) – Winterbane Gauntlet

Picture 2016-08-26 15-58-22

Although the other gauntlet cards are pretty fun, in my opinion, Winterbane offers the greatest challenge and excitement. Winterbane Hall encourages teamwork and even has a hidden badge. If you choose to fight the extra set of grendels on the first floor of the instance and win, you will earn the “Grendel Slayer” badge. On the 3rd level of the instance, you must feed the Gluttons the right dish. There aren’t many puzzles in housing gauntlets anymore, so I always thought that part of the dungeon was really fun and unique. Lastly, Winterbane Hall has fierce cheating enemies who drop some cool goodies. One of the more popular and sought after drops is Eirikur Axebreaker ‘s Coldfire Dragon.

$29 – Mystic Fishing Bundle

Picture 2016-08-26 15-56-02

The Mystic Fishing Bundle is any hardcore fisher’s dream. The bundle comes with a private fishing retreat that players can place in their house for relaxation and fishing without interruptions. Inside that private fishing retreat is also an exclusive fish that can only be caught there – the Rainbow Trout! But it doesn’t stop there. The bundle’s pet, the first mate otter, has some fishing tricks of his own because his gene pool contains two fishing exclusive talents: Fishing Luck and Reveal Fish School. If you’re feeling jealous of your pet’s outfit, no need to fear! The bundle also comes with your very own set of fishing wear that gives energy and an increase in fishing stats. But what’s a fisher without a boat? The bundle includes a Mystic Skiff mount to help you navigate the seas (it can hold 2 people!). Because it’s a fishing oriented bundle, the Mystic Fishing Bundle really stood out to me. And even if you don’t fish, the energy on the bundle’s gear is always helpful for pet training or gardening.


$39 – Empire Bundle

Picture 2016-08-26 16-02-08-502

It’s hard to choose from the Pirate101 bundles because there aren’t many and they all come with similar items. However, because of my love for Aquila, I’ll have to go with the Empire Bundle for this one. That centaur companion knows how to beat some baddies!

$29 – Hoodoo Bundle


The Hoodoo Bundle comes on top in this category because it’s really unique. I also think my love for Wizard101 and magic has left me with a soft spot for hoodoo and the mystical arts. ;) Plus, that ghostly galleon is one of the coolest looking ships in the game.


What are your favorite bundles? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to take advantage of this great sale!

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