Decaversary House Party!

As you may have noticed, the community’s been pretty busy holding a lot of cool events and contests for Wizard101’s 10th Anniversary. The Untold Spiral will be joining in on the fun by holding a Decaversary Scavenger Hunt/Tag Party at one of my houses. I’ll put a poll on Twitter so you guys can vote which house you’d like to play in. :)

The Untold Spiral Tag/Scavenger Hunt Party

  • Day: Sunday, September 23rd, 2018
  • Time: 2 PM Eastern, 1 PM Central, 12 PM Mountain, 11 AM Pacific
  • Where: One of my many houses. :)
  • Pickup Location: Golem Court, Realm Greyrose

Getting to the Event

Because my houses are completely bare (aside from lots of roaming pets and mounts), I won’t be able to put any on castle tours. I’ll be using my lower level character, Vanessa Stormdust, to port people to the house. Once you have me friended, I’d appreciate teleport help since I’m only one person. Please meet in Golem Court, realm Greyrose to friend Vanessa Stormdust. 

What Can I Win?

Tag/Scavenger Hunt Winners will receive 3 packs of choice (gifted by me).

Screenshot Raffle

If you take a picture at the event and include it in a comment to this post, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of these prizes:

  • Spooky Carnival Bundle
  • 10k Crowns
  • 2.5k Crowns
  • Random Beckett Wand Codes
  • Random Mount Codes

Winners and which prizes they receive will be completely random.

More prizes will be up for grabs later this month for The Untold Spiral’s 3 year anniversary! Stay tuned! :)

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