Empyrean Castaway Bundle

Wizard101’s newest bundle, the Empyrean Castaway bundle, is here and it’s modeled after – you guessed it – Empyrea! If you’re ready to become a castaway, you can pick up this new bundle from GameStop’s website or a GameStop brick and mortar location for $39. I really like how KingsIsle has made an effort to explore online options after many players complained about low in-store availability. Good on them! (Plus it’s always good to have a choice!)

*If this bundle already looks familiar to you, perhaps you participated in Extra Life! The Empyrean Castaway Bundle is the mystery prize KingsIsle gave to players who raised $100 or more during Extra Life.

The Empyrean Castaway Bundle is $39 and includes:

  • Castaway’s Bungalow Castle
  • Junk-Copter Mount
  • Puffy Packfish Pet
  • Raider Scrap Outfit
  • Raider Scrap Blaster Weapon
  • 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns

Castaway’s Bungalow

I know being a castaway doesn’t sound too fun, but at least we’re better off than most other stranded individuals. I mean, we have a shelter … and it’s a pretty big one too! Our ship/house has plenty of room to decorate and even has a few hidden passageways. It does have a few leaks, but you can’t be too picky when you’re a castaway. Besides, I think the built-in juice bar makes up for it. ;) Next to the bar is a “Lost and Found” box you can use once a day to receive free gifts. If you ever get bored inside the ship/mansion, you can venture outside and play some PvP in the designated duel circle area. Just make sure to bring an umbrella – it’s raining cats and dogs out there.


What is one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. The Junk-Copter may not be the fanciest piece of equipment, but it’s more than capable of getting the job done. Seemingly powered by the huge ball of energy resting in the center of its body, the Junk-Copter supplies a +50% speed boost. It’s a bumpy ride, so strap in!

Puffy Packfish

Before this bundle was released, I remember seeing these cute little guys scattered throughout Empyrea. I thought they were adorable and I’m so happy that we have the opportunity to keep them as pets. The Puffy Packfish is a 68 pedigree life pet that comes with a Vengeance card at baby. If you aren’t able to pick up a bundle but still want this pet, you can try looking for someone to hatch with here.

Raider Scrap Gear

The look of this gear reminds me of the Scavengers from AlphaCat. Overall, I think the aesthetic works well with the bundle’s theme and the stats aren’t actually too bad. The hat is offensive, the robe and boots are more on the defensive side. The blaster wand is cool looking, but I’m not a fan of the emphasis on pip conversion. Perhaps other people will find it more useful though.


What do you think of this new bundle? Are you planning on buying one?

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