Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet Makes a Splash


In the summertime when the weather is hot, you can grab Wizard101’s newest bundle – the Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet! This new bundle is available for $39 from Walmart. I know many Walmarts no longer carry KingsIsle cards (including mine), but don’t panic just yet. Walmart typically sells all of their gaming cards online. In fact, the Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet is still available there. So keep an eye out on the Walmart website if you’re interested in purchasing this Celestia-themed bundle!


The Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet includes:

  • Fantastic Voyage Expedition Housing Gauntlet
  • Shark Skirunner Mount (+50% Speed Boost)
  • Peppy Porpoise Pet
  • Abyssal Warrior’s Suit
  • Abyssal Eel Whip
  • 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns

Fantastic Voyage Expedition Gauntlet

The highlight of this bundle is the brand new housing gauntlet. To complete this instance, you’ll have to make your way through 4 fights. The first 3 fights are mob battles (pictured below), but the 4th battle contains a boss that has quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

Fight 1


2 Glow Ink Squidlings (Storm, 3,379 Health). More might appear if you’re with a team.

Fight 2


4 Glow Ink Squidlings (Storm, 3,379 Health). Whether you’re alone or with a group, you’ll always get 4 enemies.

Fight 3


2 Luminous Troglodytes (Fire, 4,485 Health). More might appear if you’re with a team.

Fight 4


Now here’s where things get interesting! The 4th battle pins you against Dewey (Death, 6,585 Health) and his 2 Luminous Troglodyte minions (Fire, 4,485 Health). There might be a 3rd if you’re with a team.

General Fight Info

  • Both Dewey and his minions are stunnable.
  • There are school shields galore in this fight.


  • When any type of bubble or blade is cast on ANYONE in the fight (your team or Dewey’s team), Dewey will cast the appropriate blade cheat in his blade cheat cycle. His blade cheat cycle consists of 4 phrases/actions, and he’ll cycle through them (one cheat each blade) in a specific order. Here is the order:
    • Defend the Sanctuary! – Dewey will interrupt to cast a 50% Tower Shield on himself.
    • I’m Sick of All This Noise! – Dewey will interrupt to cast a 20% Plague.
    • Fight, or No Dinner For You! – Dewey will interrupt to cast a 30% Legion Shield.
    • Maybe This Will Quiet You Down … – Dewey will interrupt to cast a 40% Virulent Plague.





  • If you hit Dewey and/or his minions without killing them, Dewey will interrupt to shout “This Racket Will Not Be Tolerated!” and cast an 80% school shield of the attack you used. For example, if you hit Dewey with a Medusa, he’d cast an 80% Myth Shield on himself. If you hit his minion with a Triton, he’ll cast an 80% Storm Shield on the minion you hit.
    • If you use an AOE, Dewey will cast an 80% shield on EVERYONE who was hit.
    • These shields can be dispelled by using the appropriate school dispel.


  • If you cast a DoT on Dewey and/or his minions, Dewey will interrupt to shout “I have to do everything around here!” and cast a Mass Triage (in addition to the “This Racket Will Not Be Tolerated!” cheat).



  • You can use blades, just be careful. Be prepared for the shields and plagues that your blades will trigger. As long as you have enough damage, you should be fine either way.
  • Pack Shatter, Shrike, or other pierce sources. Dewey casts tons of 80% shields during normal rounds of play. Use pierce to cut through or shatter to make them all disappear.
  • Take them all out in one hit. The best way to go about this fight is to use an AOE and take everyone out at once. That way, you won’t even have to deal with Dewey’s underkill shields.

Badge and Fishing


Once you beat the instance once, you earn the “Fantastic Voyager” badge and gain access to the gauntlet’s fishing pond. Inside the pond is the bundle’s exclusive fish, the Micro Fish. If you’re running short on time and have to leave after completing the gauntlet, no worries! You won’t have to complete the instance each time you want to fish … just press X on the fishing supplies when you come back!

Shark Skirunner Mount


As far as sharks go, this mount is pretty cool looking. It’s also one of the few mounts our wizards stand on, so that helps give it a unique touch. To top it off, this deep sea companion comes with a 50% speed boost. Very cool!

Peppy Porpoise Pet


Okay, let’s be honest. This has to be one of the cutest pets in the game … the adorbz level is off the charts. The Peppy Porpoise is a life pet, has a pedigree of 69, and comes with a Lifespear card. Its stats range from 235 to 250. If you’re looking to hatch with one, I’d keep your eyes peeled on the Hatching Meetups section on Wizard101 Central.

Abyssal Warrior’s Suit and Eel Whip


Like many bundle sets, I’m not usually a fan of the stats. I think I’m just too attached to my Darkmoor gear at the moment. However, the gearset could always be a stitch option for Celestia fans. The wand in particular stands out because of its unique animation.

Want some other thoughts on this new bundle? Check out Swordroll’s Blog and Duelist101.

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