Holiday Bingo

Congrats to @Iridian_Willow on winning the holiday bingo and @BradyMoonshard for winning the full board! Thanks to all who participated!

Back By Popular Demand!

Back in October, I hosted a bingo night. The event was a huge success, so now I’m doing another … a holiday bingo! This month’s bingo night is going to work just about the same as last time, but with a few minor changes. Read below to learn more about it!

How it Will Work


Above is a 5×5 bingo table (you can click it to enlarge). You’ll need to place 25 words into the table. You can print it out and write the words in (legibly please) or fill in the words online. Rules for the table:

  • One word per space.
  • No repeats.
  • No free spaces.

There are 35 words here, remember to choose only 25! Other than that, you can put these words wherever you choose!

  1. Yuletide
  2. Cold Cod
  3. Yuletoy Fish
  4. Mistletoe Angler
  5. Polar Fox
  6. Yuletide Stag
  7. Golden Goose
  8. Maple Moose
  9. Winterland
  10. Polaris Express
  11. Ice Floe Siren
  12. Stockings
  13. Reindeer Sleigh 
  14. Candy-Cane
  15. Snowball
  16. Boon Tree
  17. Happy Holidaisy
  18. Yuletree
  19. Gingerbread
  20. Nutcracker
  21. Peppermint
  22. Frostman
  23. Christmas Elf
  24. Yuletide Spirit
  25. Joy
  26. Cookies
  27. Felix Navidad
  28. Candles
  29. Light Strands
  30. Snow
  31. Friends
  32. Family
  33. Community
  34. Presents
  35. Giving

Once You’ve Done That

  • Attach a picture of your filled in bingo board to a comment on this post.
  • Please also include your @Twittername
  • ALL bingo boards must be commented by Tuesday, December 29th at 11:59 PM CST.

Ready, Set, Bingo!

  • On Wednesday, December 30th, at 7 PM Central Time, the bingo will begin!
  • I’ll be using a random word generator to call out the 35 words above! Please make sure you’re following me on twitter @VanessaMythdust to receive the updates.
  • As I’m calling out the words, be sure to follow along on your board. If you are able to get 5 words in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, mention me (@VanessaMythdust) with “BINGO!”
  •  I will verify from the comments (that you posted days prior) that you didn’t alter the board and actually made a bingo.
  • The first person to make a valid “bingo” will win 60,000 Crowns.
  • But the game isn’t over once the first person makes a bingo! I’ll also be giving away 5,000 Crowns to the first person who is able to completely cover their board (EVERY space must be filled!) The 60,000 crowns winner will not be able to win both that prize and this prize. It will go to a different person.


  • Please don’t mention me with “BINGO!” unless you actually made one.
  • If you “fake” bingo mention me, you will be disqualified.

Let’s bingo! If you have any questions, please ask me!

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