How to Write A Ravenwood Paper

As much as I love exploring new realms and saving the Spiral, Professor Drake sure doesn’t excuse me from my studious responsibilities. Have a big paper coming up? Here’s your guide to earning that A that you deserve!

Know What Your Professor Expects


Each professor will have different expectations for you. What format do they like? How many pages do they want? Be sure that you know the requirements.

Note: Professor Drake will either give you a very “specific” list of what he wants, or nothing at all.

Ask Questions


Make sure that you know the assignment! Don’t be afraid to approach your professor to ask for suggestions or help. Talking to your professor also allows you to get to know them better and connect on a personal level.

Note: This works for every professor except Professor Drake. The more you talk to him, the more you annoy him.

Do Research and Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Field trip time! In order to understand your topic better, venture out to other worlds and take notes. Just be careful if you are meddling with evil areas or forces.

Note: Some areas are safer than others. I strongly recommend you don’t study abroad in Darkmoor alone.

Interview Others


Get other opinions! If you are researching a specific area, try to talk to the locals and spice up your paper with some quotes.

Write In A Comfortable Area


Your atmosphere can positively or negatively affect your paper. Try to choose practical and comfortable areas. Places like the death school in Nightside or the Great Beast would not be the best choices.

Don’t Write On An Empty Stomach


Be sure to have a nutritious meal before you attempt to write your paper. A happy stomach means a happy paper!

Limit Distractions


Put away your wand, your pets, and any other things that could lead to distraction. You want to be focused and do the best you can.

Format Professionally


Impress your professor before they even start reading! Present yourself well and avoid sloppy work!

Try Your Best!


No matter what, always try your best! Your professor will appreciate the effort you put in and who knows, maybe even reward you?

Note: Professor Drake doesn’t really care about the effort you put in. If you have Professor Drake like I do…write the paper and hope he’s having a good day when he’s grading it. We’re all in this together, myth wizards!


Were my tips helpful? Have some of your own? Let me know in the comments!

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