In the bright and lively part of the Rubal Wastes lies House Calixco. If you want to continue on your journey through Mirage, you’ll have to enter Baron’s Retreat and take on Baron Hairkonnen himself. Sadly, you won’t be able to just waltz right in. You’ll have to fight your way to him.


Upon entering the dungeon, you’ll be faced with 2 of Baron’s Bodyguards (Life, 8,000 Health). You’ll have more to deal with if you enter with more people. You can treat this battle like you would any other mob fight.


After dealing with Baron’s henchmen, you’ll encounter your next opponent – Doctor Yooh (Ice, 22,000 Health). He’ll be accompanied by more of Baron’s Bodyguards (Life, 8,000 Health), but this battle has no cheats. You can deal with them as you see fit.


Finally, once you’ve fought through his many bodyguards, Baron is yours to challenge. Baron Hairkonnen (Myth, 9 Health) will have more of his bodyguards by his side (Life, 8,000), but that isn’t the only help he brings to the encounter. If you think that 9 health of his is a bit fishy … you’re right. Baron is a cheater!


Baron’s Cheats

  • If anyone is late to the battle, Baron will interrupt to shout “H-H-Hruh! You’re Late!” and cast a (Stealing) Mana Burn on any late wizards. The spell will take away 3 pips from you and give them to Baron.


  • At the beginning of round one, Baron will interrupt to shout “H-H-Hruh! Meow! Haha!” and cast an Invulnerability Aura. This aura will make Baron immune to any and all attacks.


  • Also as an interrupt at the beginning of round one, Baron will shout “Feel The Impact Of My Illness!” and fill the battle circle with minions if it isn’t already full.
    • Note: This cheat appears to be bugged right now. If the battle isn’t already full when you start (3 or 4 players inside the dungeon), Baron will shout the cheat phrase and attempt to summon his minions, but nothing will happen.


  • If you attempt to destroy Baron’s Invulnerability Aura with Supernova, he will interrupt to shout “A Sick Qhat Doesn’t Deserve That!” and immediately replace it.


  • If you successfully defeat all of Baron’s minions, Baron will interrupt to shout “I Embrace The Madness!” and replace his Invulnerability Aura with a Berserk (+45% Outgoing, +35% Incoming).


Baron Strategy

You have two options for this fight.

Option 1: Not So Tough Now, Eh?

  • Take out all his minions. With his minions out of the way, Baron will replace his aura and you’ll be able to defeat him. Another upside to this strategy is that you won’t be dealing with his minions for very long. In Mirage where the mobs hit just as hard and fast as the bosses, it’s always a good idea to get rid of them as soon as possible (especially if you’re soloing).

Option 2: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

  • Pierce through. With enough stacking pierce stats, you’ll be able to kill Baron through his Invulnerability Aura. You can accomplish this by using a combination of Shadow Shrike, Pierce Blades, Infallible, and even a TC enchant like Unstoppable or Extraordinary. This strategy will take more time to set up and do, but if you’re up for a challenge, go for it!

With that, Baron is down for the count and you can continue on your quest. Good luck in the rest of Mirage!

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