KI Live Reveals Photomancy

While the Test Realm isn’t ready to let us in quite yet, KingsIsle did supply a cool sneak peek on yesterday’s KI Live. Introducing …. Photomancy!

Photomancy is a brand new way players can take screenshots in-game. By simply pressing Z, players will now have access to a more free-roaming camera. From there, you can select a “selfie” camera (facing your character) or a “normal” camera (facing away from your character).  No matter what camera option you choose, you’ll have the ability to zoom in or out, set a timer, and remove your character from the picture. Additionally, the game will now tell you who is in the screenshot with you. All very exciting stuff for photomaniacs and bloggers like me!

Once you take a picture, you’re gonna need somewhere to store it. Pressing Ctrl+Z will bring up the Photomancy area in your backpack. There you’ll find an album with all of the pictures you’ve taken (up to 1,000) which you can sort by zone or date. You’ll also be able to pull up the game’s screenshot folder on your computer directly from this screen.

Similiar to various social media sites, Wizard101 will now also allow you to add decals to your photos. The options are limited to school symbols, shapes, and doodles for now, but KingsIsle stated that they are working on some more. Once you choose a decal, you can resize it, rotate it, and place it where you want. Adding text is also an option! No filters though … at least not yet.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what else this upcoming update has to offer. Are you excited for Photomancy?

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