Merry Krampus!


This year, KingsIsle gave us a special holiday treat in the form of a brand new boss! The new boss can be accessed from 4 different locations: Ravenwood, Colossus Boulevard, Celestia, and Polaris.



Once you step inside the festive sigils, you’ll see 3 different key locks. You will be able to choose which (if any) locks you want to use. This particular guide will be covering the gold key version of the boss (hardest).


Krampus is a fire/death boss with 30,144 health.


The Basics:

  • Boosts 45% to Ice, Life
  • Resists 30% to Fire, Death, and 3% to Myth, Storm, Balance
  • Stun Immune

Krampus Cheats

  • At the beginning of round 5, Krampus will interrupt to shout ” ‘Tis The Season of Krampus!” and summon three “helpers” to assist him (5,024 health).
    • If you kill any of the minions before you kill Krampus, Krampus will resummon them at the beginning of the second round following their defeat. For example, if you kill 2 minions on round 6, Krampus will resummon 2 more at the beginning of round 8.



  • At the beginning of every third round, starting on round 3, Krampus will interrupt to shout “Krampus is Everywhere!” and shift the traps that are currently on him onto one of his minions. This will also shift any debuffs currently on him (weaknesses, dispels, etc..) onto someone on your team.


  • If any blade is cast, Krampus will interrupt to shout “A Gift for Krampus! You Shouldn’t Have!” and steal it/them from the CASTER and give it/them to himself.
    • Yes, if you cast an elementral tri or spirit tri, Krampus will steal ALL of the blades for himself.
    • This cheat will also trigger when you cast a bubble (Time of Legend, etc…), but nothing will happen.


  • If you cast any type of feint, Krampus will interrupt to shout “Naughty, Naughty! Krampus Sees’s All!” and remove the feint along with one additional trap (if another was already on).
    • Indemnity feints will NOT work. Krampus will remove the protection first and then remove the feint afterwards.


Krampus Strategy

General Strategy Tips

  • Hit before the minions are summoned. They can’t be a problem if they’re not there yet!
  • Protect traps cast before round 3. Traps protected with Indemnity won’t be removed (excluding feints). You won’t need to protect traps cast on round 3 or later unless you plan on hitting after round 5.
  • Everyone but your hammer can blade. Blades are removed and stolen from the caster, so you’re safe to cast blades on others!
  • Your hammer can stick with auras and traps. Even a protected blade will get rid of any blades that were previously on you. Be careful!

Universal 4 Round Plan

The following will work for any school. Depending on your hammer’s damage boost, you could easily hit a round or two before or after what is listed here.

  • Round 1: Blade, Blade, Blade, Indemnity Trap
  • Round 2: Blade, Blade, Blade, Damage Aura
  • Round 3: Blade, Blade, Blade, Prism (if Fire or Death) or Trap (Since the trap removal is at the beginning of this round, this trap doesn’t need to be protected! Just make sure it will stack with your previous trap.)
  • Round 4: Blade, Blade, Blade, Hit

This plan can easily be customized. For example, you could also cast protected traps instead of blades during the first 2 rounds. Explore what options would be best for your team!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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