Mind Over Ability: Immunity


Welcome to the next portion of the derby post series “Mind Over Ability.” Today I’ll be highlighting the immunity talents.

The immunity derby abilities consist of the following:

  • Immunity
  • Unbreakable

Why might these abilities be useful? Immunity and Unbreakable protect your pet from any slows, saps, mutes, and other pesky things that may prove troublesome. The power lasts for a limited amount of time, but during that time, you’re well … immune to anything!


Immunity Tips:

  • Unless there’s a star near the beginning of the race, use it right away. Immunity only protects you from things that HAVEN’T hit you yet. Meaning that if your opponent mutes you before you trigger immunity, that mute will still be stuck on you after you use it. Because of that, using immunity at the beginning of the race is usually a good idea.
  • Don’t use it when there’s a star nearby. Stars grant pets immunity, so there’s no need to waste your ability when you’ll already be protected.
  • Keep cooldown times in mind. Every ability has a cooldown time, and you can use that to your advantage. If you know that your opponent has a mute or sap, count the cooldown time in your head so you have an idea of when they’ll be able to use their power again. Trigger your immunity right before the countdown ends so you either won’t be hit, or you’ll force your opponent to wait to use their power.
  • If all of your opponents are “sprinters,” use your immunity when there are a lot of hurdles or barriers around. Immunity is most helpful against mute and sap pets, but it doesn’t hurt to use it when those types of pets aren’t racing. Trigger immunity near a lot of hurdles and/or barriers just in case you mistime your jump or duck and might be slowed down.


Using these 4 guidelines, any racer can use immunity abilities to their advantage. Stay tuned for future tips on different types of racing abilities!

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