Mind Over Ability: Spiffy Pop


Welcome to the next portion of the derby post series “Mind Over Ability.” Today I’ll be talking about the infamous Spiffy Pop!

Why might this ability be useful? Spiffy Pop allows you to teleport to the next pet ahead. If you’re running behind and need a last second push, this ability can help you out. HOWEVER, be aware that veteran racers can easily defend against Spiffy Pop. So, although it’s powerful, it’s definitely not the most useful ability out there.


Spiffy Pop tips:

Although winning with Spiffy Pop is never foolproof, there are certain steps you can take to make the most out of it.

  • Keep your ability hidden for as long as possible. If people know you have Spiffy Pop, they can start preparing to defend against it. Keep your Spiffy Pop ability hidden so you can possibly catch your opponents off guard.
  • Try your best to stay in second place. Spiffy Pop only allows you to teleport to the pet directly ahead of you … so you’ll need to at least be in second place to win. Attempt to keep second place without broadcasting your ability (as mentioned in bullet one), but if you have to, use Spiffy Pop to retain second place.
  • Prepare shortly before you teleport. If you’re in second place (which hopefully you are) and want to teleport soon, start saving up your morale. You don’t want to teleport on an empty tank. If you have active abilities like speed boosts or a mute, save it/them for when you teleport.
  • Unleash EVERYTHING you have a little before the finish line. Just when your opponent thinks they have the race in the bag, cheer like crazy, activate your abilities, and teleport to them! If your opponent is caught off guard, you will hopefully be able to overwhelm them and beat them to the finish line.

Using these 4 guidelines, any racer can use Spiffy Pop to their advantage. Stay tuned for future tips on different types of racing abilities!

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