Mind Over Ability: Stealing Morale


Welcome to the next portion of the derby post series “Mind Over Ability.” This time it’s all about being a thief. ;)

The morale stealing derby abilities consist of the following:

  • Bummer
  • Leech
  • Mega-Leech
  • Sap
  • Super-Sap

Why might these abilities be useful? Morale stealing abilities not only cripple your opponent, but they also help you! YOU gain all the morale you take from your opponent(s), and that can potentially give you a boost when you need it most.


Morale Stealing Tips:

  • Save your ability for when YOU need it. Sure, a morale stealing ability might hurt your opponent(s) regardless of how much morale you have, but you’d only be taking advantage of half of what the ability offers. Cheer a little bit at the start of the race. Once you feel like you have enough room for all of the morale you will steal, go ahead and unleash it on your opponent. Don’t waste any opportunity that would help you get ahead!
  • Beware of stars and “Immunity.” Both stars and abilities like “Immunity” and “Unbreakable” will prevent your morale stealing ability from going through. Make sure you use your ability when your opponent is not near a star and/or is not protected from an immunity talent. Otherwise, you’d be wasting it!
  • Use your ability right after a charge. A charge talent (Supercharge for example) will increase a racer’s current amount of morale. If you’re aware that your opponent has an ability like this, wait until they use it. If you do so, you would be delivering a big blow to your opponent AND possibly getting more morale for yourself than you otherwise would have.
  • Be a leech. All morale stealing abilities except Bummer only work from behind. Take advantage of this by purposely trailing behind your opponent(s) and stealing their precious morale as the race progresses. By the end of the competition, you should have almost a full tank of morale. However, your opponent on the other hand … should be close to empty. That’s when you pump the gas and easily sprint past them near the finish line!


Using these 4 guidelines, any racer can use morale stealing abilities to their advantage. Stay tuned for future tips on different types of racing abilities!

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