Movie Poster and Raffle Winners


First of all, thanks so much for all of the contest participation! And for those wondering, bingo details will be out TOMORROW (sorry for the wait, I needed to be sure I had a day in mind that I would be available to host it!) And now for the winners!

Lights, Camera, Action!

The Lights, Camera, Action! contest had so many amazing entries. So many in fact, that I decided to award the top three entries prizes, instead of just one.

In First Place is Aaron MythThief who delivered this awesome poster inspired by The Godfather. Although a poster description wasn’t required, he included one, so I’ll share it here. :)

“The poster is based on Godfather. My movie would be based on Merle Ambrose because like Dumbledore, he is the main mastermind and puppeteer(in a good sense) behind our missions. Sure, we did the hard work and the fights but it was the careful planning of the Ravenwood Headmaster, his proper guidance, him and his allies aiding us at strategic intervals which saw us victorious against terrible foes. Also since we pass out from Ravenwood at start of Polaris it makes sense to made this movie as a tribute to our beloved Headmaster.”


I’ve reached out to him to see which bundle he would like.

The 2 Bonus Winners

In Second Place is this ever-amazing poster by Keena NightHunter. She walked away with 5,000 Crowns.


In Third Place is ten men who carefully put together this beautiful poster. He received 2,500 Crowns.



Raffle Winner

The random raffle winner is Zoomer. Zoomer, you will get your bundle as soon as I hear back from Aaaron MythThief.


Thanks for the great fun everyone!

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