My Top 10 Things About Polaris

Polaris officially went live Wednesday morning and we’re all a bit cooler because of it! Despite the early glitches, I think that Polaris is a beautiful and fun world. Today I’m counting down my top 10 things about Polaris.

10. More Assistants

Picture 2015-11-19 21-32-41

I loved the addition of assistants who followed us around and helped us through our adventures in Khrysalis. I was excited to see this implemented once again in Polaris with many more colorful characters. Although subtle, I also liked that KingsIsle only made YOUR assistants visible to you. My screen feels much less cluttered when I quest with others now.


9. The Tiny Details

Picture 2015-11-19 21-33-30

KingsIsle put a lot of effort into the small things, and it pays off. I especially loved wandering around the hub and reading all the posters and newspapers. The penguins dancing after winning the revolution was also a really nice touch.

8. The Ice, The Ice!

Picture 2015-11-19 21-34-33

Oh, how I love slipping and sliding on the ice! I feel so super speedy when I go across it and I just find it so fun. I also heard that the sloth mount moves at normal 40% speed if used on the ice. That’s pretty cool!

7. The Puns and Easter Eggs


This world is just too funny. I loved reading all the jokes and references scattered throughout. The seals in the Imperial Palace for example? Love it.

6. Characters/Story


I thought the story within Polaris was very engaging and interesting. Each character had a very distinct personality and the voice acting was absolutely AMAZING. I think Mellori might be my new favorite character, I love her spunk.

5. Pretty!

Picture 2015-11-20 01-03-41

Visually, Polaris is stunning. It’s a pretty world and I loved the variety in places we visit. Yes, most of them were snow covered, but each stood out in their own way. Snow worlds can sometimes be tricky because if not done right – each area can look the same. That’s not the case in Polaris. Walrusberg has a different feel than the harbor, the harbor has a different feel than Forlorn Taig, etc.

4. Bosses with Pets!


This one was a shock when I got to Polaris! I was pleasantly surprised to see that now some of our foes have companions to aid them in battle. They’re not too over the top yet, but I think this element can definitely be expanded upon in the future and make a huge impact in future areas.

3. Arcanum

Picture 2015-11-19 21-41-44

A new school and teachers? Count me in! Not only is the Arcanum beautiful, but the scholars there are so well done. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us there.

2. Ravenwood Graduation

Picture 2015-11-18 12-09-33

On one hand, I’m sad to be leaving Ravenwood. On the other hand, I think it’s exciting to be moving on to something different and meeting other mentors who can expand our knowledge. This moment is one of my favorites in the entire game and will never be forgotten.

1. The Ballerina Bear

Picture 2015-11-18 13-53-26

Need I say more? The Best. Ever. I’m beyond happy that KingsIsle decided to add this transformation to the crown shop.


What are your top favorite things about Polaris? Let me know in the comments!

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