My Top 3 Needs in Wizard101

Often when I play a game I’ll think to myself, “Wow, I wish I could do this!” or “Aw, I wish that could happen!” What results is a game wishlist – things that I would really love to see implemented in the game. Over time however, some things on my wishlist become more serious and develop into things that I feel NEED to happen in order to maintain balance and further improve the game. Here are my top 3 things that I feel need to happen in Wizard101.

Item Vs. Pet Cards

itemsharp petsharp

The Problem: Above are two spell cards. One card is a pet sharp, and the other is an item sharp. Can you tell which is which? The answer is no, and this is a tremendous problem when buffing. Pet cards and item cards stack, meaning that they will both trigger when you attack. If you can’t tell which card comes from which source, it’s likely that you and/or your teammates will waste a turn putting on a duplicate blade that won’t contribute to the attack.

The Solution: The simplest solution to this problem is putting a small icon on either the pet or item cards to distinguish them from one another. How about a little piggle icon on the pet cards for example?


Mount Stitching


The Problem: As of late, stats on mounts seem to be the new norm. The new Polarian Explorer’s Bundle for example comes with a Battle Narwhal mount which gives a 2% damage boost. Who wouldn’t want that? My one big fear with this though is that Battle Narwhals will take over the spiral. I like seeing all the different mounts as I travel around, I feel like they give a little personality to each of our wizards. I don’t want to lose that. Above all, what if I don’t like the look of the mount that has the stat(s) I’m interested in? My mount is an extension of my wizard, and to be honest, I can get quite attached to some. ;)

The Solution: Implement mount stitching or something similar to it. Mount stitching would allow players to take the stats they want and put them on a mount they love. No more Battle Narwhals everywhere, and players could easily swap mounts without worrying about losing their stats.


The 3rd Lap Glitch

Picture 2015-07-20 16-21-41

The Problem: Each derby race consists of 2 laps. However, sometimes racers are forced to make a 3rd lap while their opponents still finish after their 2 laps are completed. This glitch has been around since derby was introduced and it has ruined many derby ranks since then. After all, what would have been a 1st or 2nd place medal often turns into an aluminmum medal.

The Solution: Take the time to look into this issue and hopefully fix it. With the 3rd lap glitch out of the way, maybe people would be more inclined to give derby a try. The 3rd lap glitch is a big fear for new racers and even discourages some players from even starting derby. Fixing this glitch would put many minds at ease and help derby in the long run.


Those are my top 3 Wizard101 “needs.” What are yours? Let me know in the comments!

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