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No Risk

“Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy” is a common phrase that can be applied to many aspects of life (and games!). Playing a game is a process and it should challenge you to improve yourself and your strategies. Through the years, Wizard101 has definitely put some obstacles in our way in an effort to see evil succeed, but the best feeling is when we overcome them. Today I’m counting down my top 5 most rewarding moments in Wizard101.

5. Getting That Morganthe Amulet


Once I completed Khrysalis, I tried my hardest to get Morganthe’s very powerful school amulet. The teams I farmed with changed constantly, but we were all determined to swipe those elusive amulets out of Morganthe’s clutches. I lost count how many battles it took to finally obtain what I was looking for. No really, I don’t actually know when I received the amulet. After many arduous fights, I happened to be in my bank one day and stumbled upon the amulet. I assume it must have dropped relatively close to when I found it. After all, I did visit my bank pretty often. Either way, after flinging spells at Morganthe for so long, I was relieved and proud when I finally did find it!

4. Pet Warlord


It seems like not too long ago derby was something completely new to me. My racing obsession actually started after I conjured up a new game goal – to collect all the badges. At first, I convinced myself that I would be able to reach pet warlord simply by racing my already existing questing pet. That worked … for a little bit. After I achieved pet veteran, it became apparent that my adult questing pet would not be able to successfully slide past my opponents any longer. As my rank grew, so did the energy and skill of my challengers. Luckily, one day I met my now good friend, Caspeen, through ranked racing and she began hatching with me. With her guidance and many hatches (and gold!), I eventually not only trained my pets into derby machines , but I also learned from my past experiences and grew as an overall derby racer. The rest is history.

3. Cheat Testing

Picture 2016-03-17 11-20-06

Ah, cheat testing – a mixture of excitement, happiness, worry, and frustration all packed into one! The first thing I turn to when new content hits the test realm is always the cheating bosses. There’s just something about trying to puzzle together the unknown that draws me in. To get the information that I seek, I put myself through a pretty extensive cheating boss process. I wrote about that here if you want to check that out. Depending on the boss at hand, cheat testing can be extremely time consuming and confusing. Sorting out cheats and why they happen can be anything but easy (especially if the bosses have glitches and inconsistencies as they usually do in the test realm). However, whenever I reach that “aha” moment, it’s so rewarding. In addition, I always make sure to share what I find with the community. Seeing the community’s reaction and appreciation for my guides is another big aspect which makes all the suffering (and fun of course) worth it in the end.

2. Soloing Most of the Game

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As I mentioned in my MMORPG article, I find a lot of value in soloing a game. In my opinion, soloing a game forces players to understand it and that’s key moving forward. Going at most of the game alone definitely presented its difficulties, but beating each challenge put a huge smile on my face. There were fights I tried to complete 5,6, even 7 times. Even though I easily could have reached out for a helping hand, once a boss beat me so many times it became personal. ;) Looking back on it now, I’m beyond happy that I forced myself to find ways to persevere. I’m a much better player for it and now I can help others when they encounter similar situations.

1. Helping People in Any Way, Shape, or Form


There are so many ways to help people in Wizard101 and each one of them is rewarding to me. Whether I’m sharing cheat testing info, hatching out my derby pets, helping someone farm for a special item, or conquering a difficult instance with a player in need, kindness goes a long way. You never know how someone’s day is going or what they’ve been through. What may seem like such a small deed to you might just make someone’s day.


Those are my most rewarding aspects of Wizard101. What are yours? What makes you smile the most? Let me know in the comments!

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