Spiral Vacation Spots


It’s that time of year. Wizards and pirates are finishing up school and looking forward to summer vacation. Have you given any thought as to where you might go? If you haven’t, perhaps I could be of assistance. Below are some spiral vacation spots in both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Each location fits a different type of vacationer.


For Relaxation: The Floating Land


Nothing is more relaxing than a peaceful island. The Floating Land is a beautiful area to kick back, close your eyes, and hear the water rushing in and out. If you delve deeper into the jungle, you’ll run into the (somewhat) hospitable natives. Some are more friendlier than others. As long as you respect their customs and don’t try to kill them, you should be fine.

For an Enlightening Experience: Jade Palace


If you want a meaningful vacation, perhaps you might spend it in Jade Palace. As the hub of Mooshu, Jade Palace represents purity. You can even visit the statue of the Great Mooddha and learn the true meaning of honor.

For Education: Pigswick Academy


Maybe you enjoy learning and want to study abroad? If so, Pigswick Academy is the place for you! Spend time with Pigswick professors and learn a new school of magic. I must warn you though – the Pigswick professors are a little eccentric. It should definitely be a memorable experience to say the least.

For Wildlife Lovers: The Savannah


If you’re more of a wild child, The Savannah might be the perfect vacation spot for you. Lions, spiders, and zebras roam the vast area. There aren’t many signs of civilization, but that’s nature at its finest. Take in the beautiful views and snap some unforgettable pictures.

For an Adventure: Crustacean Empire


As humans, we spend most of our time on dry land. However, with the help of some nifty breathing devices, you can spend your vacation underwater in the crab infested Crustacean Empire. Despite being beneath the surface, the Crustacean Empire does have some interesting structures within the Barbican and Senate. If you’re looking for an off-road adventure, give Queen Calypso a visit. Just check in with her first … I’d hate to catch her off guard.


For a Thrill: Avernus Skyway


Only foolish pirates would venture through Avernus Skyway. If you want a real thrill, pack your bags and camp out there. You’ll be greeted by menacing Bone Drakes … just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For a Spiritual Experience: Elder Bluff


The Bison keep their spirits very close to their hearts, and so can you. Travel to Elder Bluff to learn more about Cool Ranch’s many spirits and visit the one and only Thunderbird. You just may come out of it with a new outlook on life.

For Ghost Enthusiasts: Miranda


Miranda is crawling with ghosts and is the perfect place for paranormal enthusiasts. Be prepared for jump scares, ominous noises, and a depressing atmosphere. Have fun?

For Curious Minds: Sivella


Before being overrun by the Armada, Valencia was home to many brilliant historians and scholars. If you’re looking to become more informed over the summer, Sivella will offer what you need. Get ready for some heavy reading.

For Peace of Mind: Hamamitsu Skyway


Hamamitsu Skyway is one of the prettiest places out there. Clear waters, peaceful skies, and friendly Flying Turtles will surround you. Take it all in, and don’t be afraid to dock and explore the other areas that Mooshu has to offer.

What kind of vacationer are you, and where would you travel?

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