Spooky Carnival Bundle

Step right up! Step right up! Come visit the creepiest carnival in the spiral to see just how much fear you can take. Wizard101’s newest bundle, the Spooky Carnival Bundle, is available at GameStop – both in stores and online! This is great news for players who normally have trouble finding cards in the stores near them.

The Spooky Carnival Bundle is $29 and includes:

  • Scarousel Housing Item
  • Creepy Clown Car Mount
  • Booloon Pet
  • Spooky Carnival Outfit
  • Spooky Throwing Knife Weapon
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns


Around and around we go.

No creepy carnival is complete without an eerie carousel! This housing item is completely interactive and allows you to ride it (should you dare!). If you do dare, the scarousel gives you the option to pick your poison. While riding the carousel, you can toggle between four different views. Three views are third person, but one is first person! So if you want to find out exactly what you’d see if you were REALLY on that deathtra- I mean ride – you can go right ahead. :)

Lovely view.

Creepy Clown Car

It’s bigger on the inside … I think.

Clowns … why did it have to be clowns? This spooky mount is very deceiving. Although it’s super tiny and compact, it can hold up to 4 people and supplies a +50% speed boost. What I find most cool though is that you can’t see which wizards are in the car! You can completely surprise a group of friends by going “Hidden to Friends” and then suddenly pop out of the car with 3 other buddies. SURPRISE!

Booloon Pet

Pure evil.

I don’t know about you, but this pet gives me some serious IT vibes. In other words, it’s PRETTTTY creepy. The pet is fire, has a pedigree of 69, and comes with a Rain of Fire card. You may even want to hatch a bunch of Booloons, spread them around your Halloween castle, and set a spooky atmosphere. Just don’t let them creep up on you.

Spooky Carnival Gear and Wand

Time to scare some wizards.

The gear has an interesting feel to it. It reminds me of the witchdoctors in Pirate101 (I don’t know why, lol). That said, I do like the design and think it captures the bundle’s tone well. As usual with bundle gear, I don’t think the stats compare to other gearsets like Darkmoor or the Ultra Dungeons, but it’d certainly be a cool stitch for Halloween.

To get different takes on this new bundle and see the gear’s stats, check out Duelist101 and Swordoll’s Blog. 

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