Summer Test Realm!


What’s the best way to kick off summer? With a test realm of course! The Wizard101 Test Realm is back online with what looks to be a fantastic quality of life update. Ready for Avalon fishing, new PvP changes, and tons of chat improvements?

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find in the new update.

PvP Changes


  • Welcome to the 4th Age of PvP!
  • New PvP Daily Rewards
  • New Dispel Shield functionality for PvP only
  • The much anticipated turn-based tournament mode
  • Matching changes (to prevent boosting)

Chat Improvements


  • Tons of new menu chat phrases
  • Menu Chat “favorites” column
  • In-game emojis! (Same as the Message Boards)
  • Friend chat channel — so you can privately (or publicly) chat with many friends at once.

Tutorial Tip Log


  • Tired of all those tutorial tips clogging up your screen? They’re now condensed into one icon.
  • The Tutorial Tip Log has 4 categories:
    • Warning
    • Quest
    • School
    • Tutorial

Other Cool Stuff


  • Fishing has come to Avalon (with a new quest!)
  • New Monstrology spells are available in Colossus Boulevard, Grizzleheim, and Wysteria.

For a more detailed look at the Summer 2017 update, check out the full update notes here. Have fun!

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