Thank You!


Today was Extra Life gameday! Woohoo! Alex Deathtamer and I had a lot of fun streaming with you all earlier and want to give a HUGE thank you!

Together, we smashed my goal of $200 and raised a total of $275.00

Here is a list of all the amazing and generous donors that contributed to that accomplishment:

  • Samantha Raven = $15
  • Jaime Valenzuela = $15
  • Anonymous = $25 (Whoever you are, thanks SO much!)
  • Kestrel DragonHeart = $10
  • Alex Deathtamer = $105 (Looks like he matched me anyway. ;) )

You are all awesome and thanks for contributing to such a great cause!

After the stream, I drew the raffles and here are the winners:

  • Samantha = Shinobi Bundle, 5,000 Crowns
  • Jaime = Astral Unicorn, Ninja Pig Companion, New Bundle
  • Kestrel = 10,000 Crowns

Congrats winners!

Extra Life 2016 was an amazing experience and I’m glad that we could share the fun with you. If you were watching our stream, how did you like it? What could we improve on? Let me know in the comments below.

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