Untold Stories: Dragonspyre


Welcome to Untold Stories: Dragonspyre. This post will be a continuation of the Mooshu storyline synopsis.

Family Ties


Headmaster Ambrose is saddened when you tell him about what happened in Mooshu. He then urges you to seek out Professor Drake in the Myth School. Apparently Professor Drake had some kind of history with Malistaire, and he may be willing to part with some advice on how to defeat him. Professor Drake shares that Malistaire is actually his brother, and he wants to be sure you have a fighting chance at defeating him. To prove yourself, Professor Drake challenges you to a battle against him – which you win. Professor Drake admits you’re better than he thought, but tells you not to be overconfident. He explains that you’ll need his help to defeat Malistaire, and instructs you to meet him in Dragonspyre. Upon your arrival, Professor Drake informs you that he can’t venture further out into Dragonspyre. If he did, Malistaire would sense his presence and all that you’ve worked for would be for nothing. In addition, Professor Drake also tells you that many of Dragonspyre’s portals are blocked. For now, you’ll only be able to access the outer ring. From there, you’ll have to unlock the others. A library is on the other side of the first portal, so Professor Drake instructs you to go there and find out any answers you can.

The Atheneum


The librarian, Milos Bookwyrm, exclaims that he hasn’t seen a living being in quite some time, and seems to have forgotten that Dragonspyre is now in ruins. He tells you that the Dragon Titan’s Army has shut down most of the gates, but maybe he can help you find a way in. Milos then sends you to use the Knowledge Crystal, which he hopes will give you answers. The Knowledge Crystal tells you that Aurek Blazeburner created the portal gates to protect Dragonspyre from outside enemies. Only a portal stone can open a portal gate. The Knowledge Crystal continues to say that all students and faculty of Dragonspyre Academy are issued portal stones by the Stone Keeper. Milos encourages you to check Holger’s old tower in the Tower Archives for a portal stone. Apparently it’s fairly close.

The Tower Archives


Wandering the Tower Archives, you run into a creature named Zarathax. He tells you that he’s a lowly servant of the Dragon Titan who is now gone from this world. Zarathax also shares that a necromancer forces him to work from the top of the main tower. He’s willing to help you because you two share a common enemy. Additionally, he tells you that to get into the main tower, you’ll have to activate each crystal on top of the other towers. Once you retrieve all of the tower keys and activate all of the crystals, the main tower portal opens. After you step inside, you realize that Zarathax betrayed you. He was only helping you to gain power. After you defeat him, Aurek Blazeburner shows himself. He tells you that the portal system he built had one fatal flaw – it kept people safe from enemies outside Dragonspyre, but not the ones already inside. Aurek encourages you to seek out the Stone Keeper if you’re wanting a portal stone. When you return to Milos in the Atheneum, he shares that he thinks the Stone Keeper is in the Plaza of Conquests. Milos assumes that whatever force has awakened him and the other spirits must have also awakened the Stone Keeper as well.

The Plaza of Conquests


You meet up with Laszlo Starblade in the Plaza of Conquests (who happens to be the Stone Keeper). Laszlo is tasked with protecting portal stones from Dragonspyre’s enemies, and he doesn’t quite trust you yet. He tells you that you will need to prove your worthiness to him before he can give you one. As a result, he sends you to Zanna Fireflower. After helping her defeat the powerful creature named Sysiphan, Zanna gives you a recommendation to take back to Laszlo. Insisting that Zanna’s recommendation is not enough, Laszlo then sends you to Halina Warhawk to get a second. Halina wants you to understand Dragonspyre’s war-lore so she urges you to read the “Principles of War” book. In it, you find out that Dragonspyre’s power comes from the fire tree at its center. Thus the center has the strongest defenses. Impressed by how well you’ve learned the Dragonspyre war-lore, Halinda gives you a recommendation to take back to Laszlo. Seemingly satisfied, Laszlo shares that the statues around the Plaza of Conquests represent Dragonspyre’s greatest foes. However, he tells you you’re not ready for that yet. Instead, he sends you to Mavra Flamewing to learn some combat tricks. Mavra is the Master of Defense in Dragonspyre, and she teaches the means of protection. After defeating her in battle, Mavra is impressed and sends you back to Laszlo. Using your newly learned protection warfare, you summon an Earth Elemental from a statue and defeat it. Laszlo is pleased, but insists you need more training. He then sends you to Sandor Spearcaller to learn about traps. Sandor is the Master of Strategy at Dragonspyre, but his tests are no match for you. Once you’re finished, you head back to Laszlo. Using your newly learned trap tactics, you summon the next statue foe and quickly defeat him. Laszlo is in disbelief, and finally believes that you are worthy. He tells you that he hid the last portal stone in the lower vault within the Grand Chasm.

The Grand Chasm


You seek out the Chief Vault Clerk, Belia Windgazer, in the Grand Chasm. She informs you that the lower vault is locked, and she doesn’t have a key. Unsure of what to do, Belia encourages you to speak with Edrik Scatterglow. When you find Edrik, he’s studying a crystal that has stored different states of time. After helping Edrik prepare the crystal, he comes up with an idea that will help you with your mission. You need a vault key from the Vault Keeper, but he’s long dead. However, what if you went back in time (to when he was alive) and asked him for the key yourself? Brilliant! You decide to give it a try and enter Grand Chasm’s past. Dragonspyre was much more lively back in the day, and after assisting the Vault Keeper, he gives you the vault key you need. Once you return to the present, you enter the lower vault and retrieve the portal stone. Now you’ll have access to Dragonspyre’s second ring.

To The Necropolis


Before you can travel through the next portal, you have to attune the portal stone to you. Laszlo Starblade helps you do this. Once the deed is done, you travel back to Professor Drake to fill him in on your progress. Professor Drake informs you that Malistaire has brought the remains of his wife, Sylvia Drake, to Dragonspyre and entombed her within the Necropolis. He then tasks you with finding her remains, and storing her spirit within a Knowledge Crystal. When you find her remains, Sylvia appears as a wraith, but you’re able to trap her … and you also find a badge. Afterwards, you travel back to Professor Drake. Professor Drake can’t believe that Malistaire would turn Sylvia into a wraith, and he’s very unsettled. He takes the Knowledge Crystal from you and assures you that he will take the necessary next steps. On top of everything else, Professor Drake shares that he’s discovered only Dragonspyre Academy students are able to enter the innermost ring. He then sends you back into the Necropolis to find a way of becoming an Academy student. Within the Necropolis, The Crystal Guide sees the badge you found and congratulates you on taking the first step to becoming an Academy student. To further your Academy studies, The Crystal Guide urges you to travel to the Drake Hatchery to learn all there is to know about Drakes.

The Drake Hatchery/ The Crucible/ The Labyrinth


You meet up with Castamir Silverdrake in the Drake Hatchery, but he’s not very excited to see you. Only after collecting some textbooks and reading Drake inscriptions does he see potential in you. Once you reunite an old Dragon Rider with his Drake, Castamir is pleased and gives you a passing grade in Drake Studies. You’re now one step closer to becoming a Dragonspyre Academy student. With Drake Studies out of the way, The Crystal Guide informs you that your next step to becoming an Academy student is to pass a course in Dragonspyre history. To do this, she tells you to seek out Zanetta Stormbreaker in The Crucible. Zanetta doesn’t think much of you and puts you to the test. After you learn about knowledge crystals, and pass the tests of the Crystal of Justice, Crystal of Battle, Crystal of Honor, Crystal of Defense, and the Crystal of the Hero, Zanetta gives you the highest passing grade – and full membership into Dragonspyre Academy. Woohoo! Zanetta then shares that it’s custom for the Dean of Admissions to present new students with an Academy portal stone. You go to the Dean’s tower in search of it, but only find the Dean’s assistant. The assistant tells you that he doesn’t know where the Dean is, and that he’s been gone for quite some time. Trying to steer you in the right direction, the assistant instructs you to speak with Milos the librarian. Milos is aware of what happened to the Dean, and it’s not a happy tale. The Dean of Admissions was directly involved with the summoning of the Dragon Titan that destroyed Dragonspyre. After he began the summoning ritual, he was stopped and placed in the Labyrinth.  However, since Dragonspyre is already in ruins, Milos hands you the Labyrinth key and tells you it’s okay to see him if you’d like. After entering the Labyrinth and helping out Dmitri Ironchains, Dmitri gives you the key to the Dean’s cell. The Dean seems happy to see you, and tells you that he will help you if you help him. Once you gather his belongings, the Dean appears to turn on you, denies your Academy application, and challenges you to battle. After the battle is over, the Dean apologizes for deceiving you and explains his motivations. He tells you he couldn’t stand to be in a cell for any longer and saw a way out … you. He needed to provoke you to challenge you to a duel – so he could be defeated and finally be free. He then says that you’ve earned your way into the Academy and gives you a portal stone.

Dragonspyre Academy


After The Crystal Guide congratulates you on getting into the Academy, you hurry back to Professor Drake. Professor Drake is happy to see you, and shares what he thinks Malistaire is planning. Since he couldn’t bring Sylvia back to life, Malistaire is probably hoping the Krokonomicon can force the Titan to do so. To continue your journey, you must look as if you’re currently enrolled in a Dragonspyre Academy school. The only school still standing after the Titan attack is the Fire School. Professor Drake tells you that there’s an old Dragonspyre Pyromancer buried within the Necropolis. Your job is to retrieve his Medallion of Fire. Once you obtain the Medallion of Fire, Professor Drake instructs you to speak with Dragonspyre’s fire tree, Ashley. Ashley informs you that Malistaire is in the headmaster’s office, high atop the Great Volcano. You’ll need to find a way to fly up there. Ashley comes up with the idea of having you fly a Drake up there. However, there are so few Drakes left and they’re difficult to control. But, if you had a Dragon Rider’s Staff, even you could control a Drake. Apparently the last known Dragon Rider’s Staff was broken into nine pieces, stored in obsidian chests, and hidden throughout the spiral for safekeeping. After you travel all across the spiral and find all the chests and pieces, Ashley is pleased. However, your work is not done yet. A Dragon Rider’s Staff is incomplete without a Flawless Raw Crystal for its head. Needing to find one, Ashley sends you into the Crystal Grove.

The Crystal Grove/ Drake Hatchery Revisited/ The Forum


In the Crystal Grove, you meet a miner named Zarek Pickmaster. He says a Flawless Raw Crystal is the rarest of them all, but he’s willing to help you find one. With his assistance, you’re able to find a Flawless Raw Crystal, but now you need it cut to make a headpiece. Sadly, Zarek can’t help you with that, so he sends you to the Crystal Cutter. The Crystal Cutter doesn’t have everything she needs to cut the crystal, but once you gather the needed items, she cuts a perfect headpiece for you. Now having everything you need for a Dragon Rider’s Staff, you head back to Ashley. Using the forge in the Fire School, you’re able to successfully reassemble the Dragon Rider’s Staff. Only needing a Drake to complete your Dragon Rider transformation, you head back to Castamir Silverdrake in the Drake Hatchery. Castamir tells you that the Mother Drake, Ancient Matriarch, still watches over the hatchery after all these years. Ancient Matriarch is pleased to see you, and helps you hatch a new Drake. The Drake is without protection though, and not ready for battle. Castamir tells you that Drakesmith can help the young Drake, but you’ll have to find him in The Forum first. You’re able to locate Vidor Drakesmith in The Forum, and he helps you understand the basics of dragon riding and forges new armor for your baby Drake. Time for the final showdown.

The Great Spyre/ The End


After navigating through the Great Spyre, you and Professor Cyrus Drake confront Malistaire. Cyrus urges him to stop and tells him that nothing in the spiral can bring Sylvia back. Malistaire ignores Cyrus’s warnings, and tells him that he will be able to control the Dragon Titan because he is far stronger than the Lords of Dragonspyre ever were. Cyrus then holds up the Knowledge Crystal storing Sylvia’s spirit, and you begin to hear her speak. Sylvia tells Malistaire that the man she loved would never do this – would never hurt others for his own desire. Malistaire believes Sylvia’s spirit to be a mere illusion, and is disappointed in his brother. Unwilling to back down, Malistaire battles you. After you defeat Malistaire, he is heartbroken. All he wanted to do was bring his beloved back from the grave. Sylvia reassures Malistaire that she’s in a better place, and now he can rest alongside her. Cyrus is impressed with what you’ve accomplished and admits he never should have doubted you. While Cyrus did lose his brother, he admits the true Malistaire was gone long ago. With the spiral now safe, you both head back to Headmaster Ambrose. The Headmaster couldn’t be more proud of you. After all, thanks to you, the spiral is saved. Cyrus apologizes for Malistaire’s actions and mentions that he’s set Sylvia’s spirit free. Well, now that there’s no immediate danger around, back to class you go.

This is the end of Arc 1. Stay tuned for Arc 2 and side world summaries!

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