What Could Pirates Give to Wizard101?


Hey everyone! Happy weekend! Today I’ll be going over what Pirate101 elements I would love to see make it into Wizard101 and vice versa. Both games have some really neat features!

1. Unique Quest Icons


Have you ever been unsure of what quest is your main quest? Or perhaps your spell quest? Pirate101 has quest icons which differentiate them all! For example, that golden cup above means that particular quest is my storyline quest. I find this extremely useful and would love to see it in Wizard101 someday. Until that happens, I recommend using the Wizard101 Wiki if you have questing doubts.

2. Pick What Henchmen Cast


In Pirate101, you’re able to select what your henchmen does. Considering that you have to pay crowns for a henchmen, why shouldn’t Wizard101 be the same? I’m 100% in favor of allowing players to choose what spells henchmen cast and on who. (Aren’t you really sick of those life henchmen healing themselves when they’re at full health!!) ;)

3. Group Chests


I mentioned this on KI Live, but I think it would be cool to see group chests make it into Wizard101. Wizard101 is an MMO, so I think teamwork is one of the game’s best selling points. Rewarding teamwork is even better! I do however, think that these group loot chests should be worthwhile and give a little something special that can’t be gotten elsewhere.

4. Dungeon Chat


Pirate101 doesn’t EXACTLY have this, but it does have skyway chat (which inspired this idea). I think it would be helpful to have the ability to announce something to all players in a dungeon. After all, sometimes people are in different rooms or don’t want to be in a group. Additionally, even if players are in a group, sometimes those messages can be accidentally missed. Dungeon chat (if it appeared in the same way skyway chat does) would be easy to notice.

5. Storyline Recaps


Haven’t logged onto your character in awhile and don’t remember what happened or what your goal is? Pirate101 has daily storyline recaps every time you log in. They appear at the very top of your screen and serve as a great refresher. Wizard101 players could easily benefit from something like this!

Stay tuned for the Pirate101 version of this post!

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