Last you heard from my pirate, I had just defeated General Tso! In search of the Scroll of Secrets, I then traveled to Subata Skyway.

After failing to locate the Scroll of Secrets, I was directed to Shunzang The Wise. Shunzang explained that Cao Tzu, Father of Caoism, actually wrote the Scroll of Secrets. Apparently he dwells upon the Celestial Shrine, but it’s on the back of the Great Turtle named Maruzame. The only way the Great Turtle can be summoned to this realm is by throwing five Turtle Balls into the Eye of Harmony. Four heroes who visited the Celestial Shrine are in current possession of the Turtle Balls: Monkey King, Pigsy, Friar Sand, and Dragon Prince. If I can track down those Turtle Balls, I can get to Cao Tzu and unlock the Scroll of Secrets! Time to start with Monkey King …


Into the Dragon King’s lair!

Monkey King told me that he would surrender his Turtle Ball if I was able to free him from his prison (apparently he did something that made the other ministers very upset). First I tried to retrieve the cage key, but it was revealed that no such key existed. Plan B was to break the bars apart, but Monkey King would need his Golden Staff to do that. Monkey King’s Golden Staff was taken by the Dragon King, and he’s not too eager to give it back. Luckily, the Dragon King is honorable and insisted that if I could get his Jade Egg back, I would be able to use “The Challenge” to wish for the Golden Staff. Simple enough?


You don’t think he’s mad, do you?

Unfortunately, finding the Jade Egg would prove to be a tad difficult since the Valley of the Titans has become overrun with Tengu. To make matters worse, the Tengu summoned a Stormzilla! I wouldn’t let them get away with that, now would I? The Order of the White Lotus informed me that their ancient texts said that a stranger would come forth, pilot an armored suit named Stupendor-X, and claim victory. Convinced that I’m the prophesied one, the Order of the White Lotus encouraged me to fulfill my destiny.



So I did. I piloted Stupendor-X and beat that Stormzilla! Woot!

So far, the Stormzilla quest has to be my favorite. It was just so unique and thrilling … and reminded me of those Power Rangers Megazords. ;)

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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