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Today I’m (officially) kicking off my brand new post series – Untold Stories of the Spiral (storyline summaries of each Wizard101 world). This series has been highly requested ever since my Marleybone synopsis was released. I’m thankful for the great feedback and even more excited to bring you the rest of the spiral’s many stories. After debating how to go about it, I’ve decided that this series will go in order of world release. So, let’s go back to the very beginning, shall we?

Wizard City Synopsis



You’re the newest student at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and it’s your very first day! The school’s headmaster, Merle Ambrose, welcomes you in Golem Court with open arms. After you’re introduced to Gamma, the headmaster’s owl assistant, you see a shadowy figure walk through the large tower behind you. Recognizing the suspicious activity, you’re encouraged to follow the Headmaster into the tower to investigate. Upon entering the tower, Headmaster Ambrose identifies the mysterious stranger as someone named Malistaire. Based on the threatening dialogue between the two wizards, it’s easy to tell that they have a history and it’s mentioned that Malistaire is no longer welcome on school grounds. Malistaire claims to have returned to resolve some unfinished business and dispatches some henchmen to deal with you. Headmaster Ambrose urges you to take a spell deck and defeat the minions while he confronts Malistaire. Since it’s your first day, Headmaster Ambrose guides you through how to battle and teaches you a little bit about your spells. After your victory, Malistaire announces that he has what he came for and vanishes. Confused, the Headmaster wonders what Malistaire is plotting. After you’re given a spellbook and a wand, the Headmaster tells you that he will call you into his office when things are presentable again.

Unicorn Way


Headmaster Ambrose summons you to his office to inform you of a problem on Unicorn Way. Apparently it’s very serious and must be dealt with before he can finish your enrollment. Even though you don’t have much experience in the wizarding world, the Headmaster wants you to travel to Unicorn Way to see if you can help. After all, it would also allow you to see more of Wizard City. The Headmaster hands you a letter and you go on your way. The letter allows you to get into Unicorn Way – which is guarded due to dangerous ghosts roaming its streets. After meeting up with Private Connelly, he informs you of the dangers ahead and asks for your assistance in chasing the undead away. Something terrible is starting to engulf Wizard City, and nobody knows what it is. To make matters worse, it seems the area’s fairy population has been corrupted with darkness. This worries Ceren Nightchant, the young wizard that Moolinda Wu, the Life Professor, sent to Unicorn Way. He encourages you to speak with Lady Oriel, the seraph at the Hedge Maze. Lady Oriel is relieved to see you and is just as worried about the fairy corruption as Ceren is. After defeating some dark fairies, Lady Oriel concludes that their corruption was caused by some undead force. She then sends you to free her fairies from bone cages dangling around the street. The now freed fairies claim that their captor had bones which made a clanking sound. Since Ceren grew up on Unicorn Way, he is easily able to identify the evil menace as Rattlebones. Wanting to stop the fairy corruption, you head to his tower to confront him. You’re successfully able to best Rattlebones, but not before he proclaims that the fairy corruption was just the beginning of Malistaire’s plans. Apparently something even more sinister is afoot. With the fairy problem out of the way, you travel back to Headmaster Ambrose’s office to report on what has happened.

Olde Town (The Three Streets)


Headmaster Ambrose thanks you for your help and tells you that he senses greatness within you. Unfortunately, your work is nowhere near done. He wants to see what you’re made of and sends you to deliver a letter to Sergeant Muldoon in Olde Town. After proving yourself by defeating Lady Blackhope, Sergeant Muldoon is ready and eager to assist you in pushing back against the undead. Olde Town is connected to 3 different streets, and Wizard City can’t afford for them to fall into the wrong hands. It’s up to you to enter each street, solve its issues, and return when everything is safe again. Sergeant Muldoon tells you to be careful though … apparently there are rumors of a nasty wraith named Lord Nightshade …

Triton Avenue


Susie Gryphonbane and her brother, Artur, were investigating the undead on Triton Avenue when something went wrong. Artur had a theory that the Haunted Cave was the source of all evil on the street and went to check it out. However, Susie hasn’t heard back from Artur and sends you to the cave hoping that he’s still there. When you arrive, Artur is nowhere to be found, but you do find a broken wand. Susie confirms that the broken wand is Artur’s, and assumes that something terrible must have happened to him. Against her better wishes, Susie tells you to talk with Duncan Grimwater, a death student who is also investigating the undead’s presence. Duncan doesn’t know what happened to Susie’s brother, but he does say he’ll look into it. In the meantime, Duncan urges you to defeat some undead so he can better understand their fighting tactics. After doing so, it’s discovered that the undead are using storm magic – something that Duncan has never seen before. Susie informs you that she’s seen the undead wear strange medallions and instructs you to collect some. In order for Duncan to find out more about the storm medallions you collected, he needs Lumina Crystals. Blad Raveneye, the miller, tells you that he’ll gladly share his Lumina Crystals if you’re able to recover them. You do, but it turns out that they’re all drained of their power. Once you get your hands on a fully charged Lumina Crystal from a Scarlet Screamer, Duncan is able to identify the Harvest Lord as the true force and brains behind the undead invasion, and the person who has captured Susie’s brother. After defeating the Harvest Lord, you report what happened to Headmaster Ambrose.

Firecat Alley


When Private Quinn’s fire elf friends don’t show up to a friendly meeting, he sends you to Fireglobe Theatre to see what’s up. It seems the fire elves are cursed, so Private Quinn enlists your help to get to the bottom of it. He tells you that a fire elf saved him with an arrow once – and that their magic connects everything they touch. Based on that, he orders you to defeat a few fire elves and bring him their arrows. A witch named Gretta Darkkettle used to teach alchemy at Ravenwood, so Private Quinn suggests you bring her the arrows so she can work her magic. Gretta doesn’t mind helping, but she tells you that she’ll need more than just an arrow to find out who cursed the fire elves. Once you gather a Charred Knife from the magma men outside, Gretta gets to work. Her magic reveals that the fire elves were cursed by a Banshee’s Wail. Private Quinn has received reports of a banshee up to no good – Bastilla Gravewynd. Upon her defeat, you take a lock of her hair and bring it back to Gretta. With the hair, Gretta is able to fashion a cure to the fire elf curse. You then hurry back to Fireglobe Theatre, defeat Prince Alicane SwiftArrow, and pour the cure into his mouth. The curse instantly breaks and the fire elves are grateful for your heroic efforts. You then report back to Headmaster Ambrose and tell him what has transpired.

Cyclops Lane


Nolan Stormgate, a rather snobbish myth student, was tasked with recovering magical artifacts from the Death School. He doesn’t think much of you when he first sees you, but you’re determined to prove him wrong. After fighting some trolls to see what happened to some of Nolan’s peers, you find a note and bring it back to him. Nolan figures out that his fellow students have been kidnapped by the cyclopes. Expecting assistance from his teacher, Professor Drake, Nolan sends you to show him the ransom note. Instead of being helpful, Professor Drake tricks you into gathering his laundry and tries to expel you from Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Luckily, Headmaster Ambrose assures you that will not be happening. Ambrose shares that the cyclops, General Akilles, promised to drive out the trolls from Cyclops Lane … but he went back on his word. The Headmaster suspects that his change of heart might be more sinister, and “M”, the person mentioned in the ransom note, is to blame. Because Headmaster Ambrose trusts you, he sends you back to Cyclops Lane to help Nolan straighten things out. In order to confront General Akilles, you’ll need a Gate Pass. After you retrieve one from a Warhorn, you show it to the guard at the gate and enter General Akilles’s lair. Cyclopes are honor-bound, so the only way to free the captured students is to defeat General Akilles. Only then will he be honor-bound to free them. While he puts up a good fight, you eventually defeat the cyclops and free the hostages. You report your success to Headmaster Ambrose. According to Headmaster Ambrose, the student hostages were merely a distraction to cover Malistaire’s larger plans. In fact, Ambrose believes the “M” in the ransom note stands for Malistaire.

It All Comes Together


Headmaster Ambrose is convinced that the coordinated attacks on Wizard City’s many streets are related. He has an idea of who it might be, but the only way to be certain is locked in the Library Archives. To gain access, you’ll need to defeat a ghoul named Foulgaze who is guarding the key. Once you do that, Ambrose is able to confirm what he feared … the attacks on Wizard City were orchestrated by Lord Nightshade (who is working for Malistaire). To make matters worse, Malistaire recently stole books from the library’s restricted collection. Ambrose tells you to seek out Lord Nightshade and recover the stolen books. Upon Lord Nightshade’s defeat, you discover a journal and a mysterious skeleton key. Ambrose asserts that the journal is not one of the stolen books, but it may provide clues to Malistaire’s whereabouts. The journal describes a hidden door behind the waterfall at Rainbow Bridge. Ambrose instructs you to take the skeleton key, open the door, and explore what lies beyond. The door leads to a place called Nightside, where you find the missing Death School. Inside is Dworgyn, a very confused death professor. Apparently he isn’t aware that the Death School was ripped away from Ravenwood when Malistaire left. Headmaster Ambrose is astonished when you tell him the news, but he suggests you keep its location a secret for now. While you were off exploring Nightside, Headmaster Ambrose discovered something even more urgent in the journal you found. It seems Malistiare traveled to the world of Krokotopia looking for the Order of the Fang.

To Krokotopia We Go


Headmaster Ambrose gives you the Wizard City and Krokotopia spiral keys and instructs you to go to Krokotopia to find this “Order of the Fang” before Malistaire does. Bartleby, a large tree in the center of Ravenwood, holds the Spiral Chamber. Once inside, he explains more about the spiral and its many worlds. In order to reach a certain world, you need to have that world’s spiral key … but that’s not all. In addition to a spiral key, you’ll also need a spiral door. Luckily, the Spiral Chamber has one!

Continued in the Krokotopia synopsis.

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