Officially 2

It’s official! The Untold Spiral turned 2 yesterday. To celebrate, I thought it’d be cool to look back on some of my favorite posts/events from TUS’s second year.

Extra Life 2016

Last year, I held an Extra Life charity stream in hopes of raising money for children’s hospitals. Thanks to my readers and friends, we ended up raising $275! That’s a pretty great accomplishment if you ask me. Also – although I won’t be hosting my own stream this year, I will be joining TheArtofWarlord for hers! Be sure to look out for info on that soon.

Mirage Guides

When Mirage hit the test realm, I was extremely excited to explore the vast sands and its cheating bosses! With a little help from my friends, I was able to figure out cheats for the world’s very last area. If you’re ever stuck in the Sands of Time, check out my guides to Shadowbones, Shadowwock, Bort Shadowmane, and Grandfather Spider himself.

Untold Stories

During The Untold Spiral’s second year, I took on the task of summarizing each world’s storyline. Although I made some good progress, the series still isn’t complete. I’d love to get back into it in TUS’s third year though! In the meantime, you can check out all the completed summaries here:

Snowball Tips

When Jeff Toney commented on my snowball skills during December 2016’s KI Live, I had to make a post exposing my secrets! Using these tips, you too, can become a snowball racing champion.

The Bestest Ever

April Fool’s posts are always a blast to make. 2016’s consisted of ways to be the “bestest” ever. I think it totally works. If it doesn’t though, well …. results may vary.

Spiral Vacation Spots

One of my favorite things to do is to take myself out of the game’s storyline and think about the spiral from a different perspective. This post embraced that idea and envisioned various locations as desirable location spots for certain types of players.

Dear Headmaster Ambrose

I always like to do at least one letter per year. I think it breathes fresh air into an already established narrative. Makes you look at things as if you were actually in the game.

Down the Rabbit Hole

You know what leads to madness? Trying to apply logic to a video game. Yet, that’s exactly what I tried to do in this post from August.

Hurricane Relief

To help hurricane victims, I launched a T-shirt campaign which sent/will send all profits to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. I’m thinking about switching the charity to something else to help the victims of other hurricanes, but I still need to iron out the details. Thanks to everyone who already bought a shirt though! You’re all amazing for supporting both me and hurricane relief!

KI Live Recap

Annnnd my favorite post from TUS’s second year is (by no contest) my KI Live recap. Being the first player guest on KI Live was truly an amazing experience. I still smile whenever I read the post. If given the opportunity, I’d love to visit KI’s new offices and do it again sometime. ;)

Thanks to all my readers for an amazing two years. Do you have any favorite second year posts that I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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